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I was reading A BUZZFLASH GUEST CONTRIBUTION by Marci Hamilton, Esq this morning, after watching a special on Sunday Morning about the FLDS issue. 

The sticky issue, in the points that were made by Marci Hamilton and bloggers, is that if they would have prosecuted the polygamists from the start, then this whole thing would have been avoided.  I agree with that statement, but I have a problem condoning the government’s interference concerning marriage. 

Two or more adults, no matter what their religion, sex, or race, should have the right to live in the relationship that they chose. UNLESS, and this is a big UNLESS, it is harmful to their children or to another person in the relationship.

It is all too easy to brainwash a human. I have a close family member who has been a victim of brainwashing.  For a time, I also lived under the “techniques” of mind control of another person.  It is not pleasant and I am so glad that I was able to get out of the relationship. 

I do not personally believe in polygamy for myself. I could never adjust to it. However, I just don’t think I have the right to tell someone else how to live; as long as it does not harm another. Please read that again, “AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT HARM ANOTHER HUMAN BEING.”

Does polygamy lead to chld abuse? I do not believe it does. Do men, who want polygamy, also want to abuse their children?  I am afraid that may be the case.

The same man who wishes to have a brainwashed wife; one who wears a long prairie dress, always has a glass of iced tea in her hand to give him, wears a head covering (to show him respect), talks in a quiet whispered monotone, never has a thought of her own in her head and births him babies so he can fill his quiver with arrows, does so to ensure that his wife will not be appealing to another man and he will never lose her. His ego is so weak that he fears he cannot keep a woman any other way.  And, I believe, he also wants to be king of his own little kingdom.

Does he wish to abuse children? He may not call it abuse, but yes, I firmly believe he does. Whether it is sexually, physically or mentally. He wants to be king and ruler and will do what it takes to have his family worship at his feet. He wants a family, not because he loves them, but because he needs to control them to feel worthy.  This also results in him kicking the boys out, as in the FDLS, as soon as possible so they are no threat to his being head of the pack.

Should the wives be taken from FLDS? Yes, until they are able to actually think for themselves. If they refuse and still wish to be treated like chatel, then take any child away they have until they come to their senses. They don’t deserve them.


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