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I am a presistant researcher.  I always figure if I just try to word my search in another way, I will find my answer.  It takes a lot to make me give up.   But, I am about there.

When I reformatted my computer, I lost my favorites.  One of them was a blog that I like to follow.  I have racked and racked my brain for things this blogger talked about but I cannot seem to find her blog.

CLUES:  (Please send me a link to her blog if this sounds familiar!!!)

She is a librarian.

People think she is East Indian but she is really from an island, maybe Samoa??

She lives in the Northwest, maybe Seattle?

Her significant other dances, at any odd time, to make her laugh

They fixed up their house and property, really improving the looks of the property and yet her neighbor gets upset because the one bush drops its leaves on the sidewalk.

She’s very funny and very close to her friends.

GOSH, if we were all reduced to five sentences, what would I be remembered as?

I am an artist?  Did any of you know that?

I live in the midwest.

My significant other sleeps on the couch but we do laugh a lot.

We have fixed up (rehabed) two houses but always wait to do it until we are ready to sell.  So, in the meantime, I live in a house with holes in the kitchen linoleum, a roll in the frontroom carpet and broken tiles by the door.

I try to be funny but my daughter is a natural at it.  She’s also my best friend.

What are your five sentences, or six?

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