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My new banner shows the golden color of some of our leaves in the fall.  Driving into our property is like entering a golden palace. So, many of our trees have golden yellow leaves, with touches of red and oranges.  And, when they turn that beautiful, they also start to fall.  Hence, our grass is covered with a carpet of gold leaves also.  The beauty of this is wasted on irritating little Chihuahua. 


She went out a few minutes ago and it went like this.


Squat, jump, bark, turn


Turn head left, bark


Turn head right, bark


Squat, jump, bark, turn


The problem was, every time she squatted, another couple of leaves would hit the ground around her and she just knew that it was a monster, crunching on the leaves, ready to grab her. 


It’s tough being seven inches tall and peeing outside, in the fall.

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Mine grows with watermelons, tomatoes and marigolds all in a row; in October.

I took my morning walk and photography expedition.  Somehow, I just do not think this poor little watermelon will have a chance to grow up.

It’s also raining leaves today. It is very hard to get a picture of the leaves raining against a background of fall colored trees.  Below is a picture of just one part of our pond and the fall colors.  If you look really close in the front right is the board the boys jump off of and into the pond. It’s thirty feet deep in the center.  If you look really, really close on the far left, you will see a white speck. Apparently, someone got tired of standing up, while waiting for the bus. Or, while finding a place with cell, for their phone and drug a chair out by the road.

I’m off now to scan more of the old photo albums.  Although, the house is very quiet so I just might return to my line editing today.  Gaffer is in Santa Fe with girlfriend, EMT boy is off working at a leather store in Nashville, IN (He came home proud of the commissions he made yesterday on his first full day at work there.), and JRockGuitarMan is taking a break from guitar and piano to walk around the auto race track today in his fire gear.  No, it is not an exercise. Apparently they need fully geared firemen in case there is an accident.

Enjoy this beautiful fall weather.

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