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The doctor told me he wanted me to lose ten pounds before I came back. I thought that was very kind of him, as I really need to lose more than ten pounds.  Now that I have state health insurance, I have an appointment with my doctor, and I have, in fact, lost five pounds.


Actually, I have lost the ten pounds; four times in fact. So, technically, I have lost forty pounds, right?  However, I do not think he will see it that way. I am getting my strength back now and slowly starting to exercise again.  And, the way I have done it is to do it at night.


It just seemed logical to me that, since exercise wears me out, why not do it at night and then I get to sleep and wake up the same as I would have anyway.  So, during the day I can do the things I need to do; dishes and cleaning (oh joy!).  Then, at night, I walk my treadmill.  In fact last night, I got out of bed to walk my treadmill.  So, I think this is going to work.


I have gone to eating, mostly chicken or turkey, more vegetables and fruits and I have cut out deserts (except dark chocolate and I am talking about the 80%/75% cocoa kind).  Yesterday, I felt strong enough to buy a box of Krispy Krèmes for the boys. I have not wanted to bring them into the house, but I thought I would give them a treat.  I was taking my pills that night, which is a reminder to eat better.  I cut a donut in half, took one bite and that was it.  Sugar just does not taste so good anymore.


I am firmly convinced that sugar is addictive; as is salt. The real test will be cake, however as that is my waterloo.


I have not come to terms with my body since my heart surgery, and the two years of inactivity preceding it. I have been blessed burdened with lower body fat genes. While, I can look at my fairly thin face in the mirror and feel good about myself, it is those full glances in a store window that horrify me.


I have even gone so far as to look up “how to be anorexic” on the web. Not that I wanted to be anorexic. It is a horrible disease and I am so against the image of people like Paris Hilton, who are giving young girls something unhealthy to aspire to; both mentally and physically.


I was not serious about wanting to be anorexic. I was just feeling desperate the day I looked it up. But did you know there are actually sites telling you how to do this? After reading how to do it, this is definitely not a diet plan that will work for me.

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