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If you have seen ‘Julie & Julia,’ then you will know what I am talking about.  If you have not seen it, then think of Meg Ryan, in the restaurant, in ‘When Harry Met Sally – Official Site – Now on DVD.’  Same thing!!

And, it is the same thing as taking that first bite of a Harry and David® • Wholesale Products Harry & David “Moose Munch” Dark Chocolate Bar.  I purchased my first bar at Target and it is melt-in-your mouth fantabulous, and almost better than—- well, you know what. 

It is not as if I have been sitting on my duff and eating all day.  Truth be told, I have been sitting on my duff and typing most days.  Last week I did one day with my weights and one day on the treadmill, but two days does not a workout habit make.

I have successfully lost 24 pounds since January.  Ahh, this week may have lowered that to 20 pounds as I have actually eaten four meals out.  This is two meals over the total of meals eaten out in restaurants that I usually do in a whole month.  People keep wanting to feed me and it is rude to say, “no” to someone who is intent on treating you.  Right? 

Yeah, well tell that to my sat upon rump, especially when the Nashville Indiana, Historic Bed & Breakfast Inn, Restaurant, Brown County Indiana, Artists Colony Inn Artist’s Colony Inn’s chicken pot pie (Nashville, Indiana) is also like butter to Julia Child. It has been a week, since our friend took us to dinner there, and I can taste it yet.

Back to the Munch.  We are in Target, of all places.  Gaffer has a new job, while he waits to take his Master Electrician’s test class and he needed clothing for his new job, which is as a cashier at Family Restaurants: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store and Restaurant.  Geez, talk about specific.  Button down shirts are NOT that easy to find when you do not want to wear white ones. 

We are checking out and, it being time for lunch, my eyes were tracing over the candy they lure you into buying at the checkout counter.  I always look for very dark chocolate.  I love dark chocolate, and here sits a Harry & David’s Moose Munch bar.

Yep, you heard that right, a Moose Munch.  Gotta love that name, first off.  I have never had a Moose Munch before.  The sugar content is not outrageous compared to other treats and since I usually break things like that into halves or thirds, it would be 145 calories for a half. 

I do declare, they should have to put a warning on the label of a Moose Munch.  I bit into it and felt like, well, like I said above.  Yep, right there, this was heaven on earth, melt in your mouth, if I drop dead now, I will be complete, scrumptiousness.

Please, Santa, I want a whole Christmas stocking full of Moose Munch, this year.  I have been a good girl, well, most of the time.

P.S.  No one has paid me to mention anything on this blog, but I would not be averse to Harry & David sending me a box of Moose Munch.  Then, I would share with XUP for sure.


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I do not remember watching Julia Child.  I think I presumed I would not like her, and that she was rather ‘stuck-up.’   Never presume!

Julie Julia

The Julia Child, played by Meryl Streep, that I saw on the screen is the most delightful woman who finds joy in everything.  For this Julia, eating fish is an orgasmic experience.  No, make that, everyday living is an orgasmic experience.  She is delightful, radiant and someone anyone should love to be around.

Stanley Tucci is fantastic as Paul Child, Julia’s husband and we should all find the love that is depicted in this film, in our lives.

Amy Adams is Julie Powell, the blogger who decides she needs direction and discipline in her life and that her committment to cooking all the recipes in Julia Child’s book will be just what she needs.

I had only seen one review on this movie on Reelz channel, but one of the two reviewers found Amy Adams, as Julie Powell, to be whiny and irritating.  Frankly, I think he needs to get a life.  There are just times in life when the best thing you can do is fall on the floor and cry.  It is certainly better than breaking or shooting something.  The movie depicted the growth of this character and, at the end, she seemed as delightful as Meryl Streep portrayed Julia to be. 

The most wonderful thing about this movie, however, is you could not help but leave the theater feeling a lot happier about the world.  We need more of that in life.  We need more people like Julia in our lives.

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