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Another blog I am thoroughly enjoying is Wide Awake in Wonderland.


I would love to make that kind of trip across Europe; staying in hostels, eating non-gross exotic foods (is there such a thing?), seeing architecture of other countries, etc.  IF, I had someone who spoke many languages, I would just love to travel everywhere.


One thing I do have in common with Wonderland blogger is that I have had my own stalker.  Well, he was really my daughter’s stalker and, I hope to everything that keeps me safe, he is now in jail, prison, the mental ward or six feet under, or at the very least, not reading this blog.


We didn’t know that daughter of eleven had borrowed $300 from him; when she was only mother of three.  He just started calling up and she would wave me over to listen to the phone conversations. He would tell her exactly where she had been that day, about a wrong turn she made, where she stopped, etc.  It was downright creepy, scary.


At the time he drove some type of tanker truck with some noxious stuff in it so part of his threat was that he would drive it into our house.


We went to the police station, we called the police, they came out and time after time the cops would be like,


“Oh, all right.”  He said, feet resting on his desk. 


Then, the cop would amble off to get the guy’s police record.  You could see them in the back room sometimes, joking with another officer, “Got another one.” Type of thing and then — then he would pull the report out of the printer and he would come back all business and warning us we were in danger.


I never did get to see one of those reports but I sure would  love to. 


By the third or fourth night of sitting up all night with a shotgun in my lap, an officer knocked on the door and I put the gun up on a high cabinet.  When the officer came in, I informed him that it was there and loaded.


“Are you willing to use it?” He asked.


“Absolutely.” I told him. “I will not hesitate to shoot anyone who comes into my house to harm my children or grandchildren.”


He then proceeded to tell me how to shoot the stalker while he was still outside and pull his body in.  Obviously, he was old school and did not watch Law & Order.  I don’t think it was even on at that time.  But, the officer didn’t know much about blood spatter evidence, obviously.


In the end, the Judge threw the guy in jail for seventy-two hours and warned us that we had to use that time to pack up our life and move. There was no stalking law back then and he told us flat-out that we were not safe from this man.  We had to disappear.


So we did. 

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Rules that we tell our boys, to get along better in the world:
1. If a cop stops you, be cooperative and polite. They really do not like to be called names, insulted, spit-on, etc. That is a sure way to a ticket or jail.

2. When the Judge asks you a question, respond honestly and completely, and have a lawyer. Answers should be emphatic, “No.” “Yes” or whatever fact is asked for, providing your lawyer says to answer. Answers should not be “Ah, Gee, I don’t know.” This type of answer does not help your case, which I presume you want to win, and it makes you look, guilty as hell. Better to go with pleading the fifth.

So, if a judge asks you something like, “Who have you seen living in the house with you?” A good answer would go like this: “My husband, my two children, my mother.” But Louisa Bradshaw Jesop, doesn’t even seem to know who she lives with. When asked who she saw at the home she shares with her in-laws, she said. “I saw me.”

Perhaps this answer is more realistic than I know. It seems these women are so brainwashed that perhaps they have chosen to live with their heads buried in the sand rather than face the truth of their life. Perhaps it is how they survive.

Disclaimer: The following facts are from news reports. I take no responsibility for the reported ages.

All that Louisa Bradshaw Jessop, could say about who she lived with, how long she had lived at the ranch, and whether any “inappropriate relationships” were going on, was: “I don’t know” or, “I can’t remember right now.”

When they showed her photos of Warren Jeffs kissing young girls, (and the girls are thought to be 12 and 13). She did state that she thought the behavior was inappropriate. Award for understatement of the year. But, you gotta give her credit for saying more than, “I don’t know.”

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