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I have discovered the most fun thing. Now granted, it is after 10:00pm, in Indiana, and according to Master Daughter, I am not to be held responsible for any Blog I post after 10:00pm.  Even without any dippers of Jose Cuervo, I can find humor. And, the Tag Cloud thingy I clicked to show on my Blog today is hysterical. 


Just take random words and put them together. It’s like poetry.  So, I’m reading the tags and just having all kinds of ideas for new Blogs. It’s a font of inspiration.

So, here is a sample of my Tag Clouds:


Chicago Chihuahua: Now, are Chihuahua’s different in Chicago than they are in Denver?  I mean, Chihuahua’s in Wyoming have to be black and wear bandanas around their necks. You can’t even buy a pickup truck in Wyoming without proof of black dog ownership.  The Bandana may be a Colorado thing, now that I think of it. Wyomingites don’t want to admit they might have a dog for fun. (No offense, I love Wyoming)


FLDS food foolishness: Do I need to type anything here? Maybe something like, food can’t be red: it’s either the mark of the Devil or of blood, so that means you can’t eat apples (unless you get a heathen to peel them) or tomatoes. What about strawberries and watermelon. Is life worth living without strawberries and watermelon?


Hone Schooling humor: Gosh, what I could do with this.  Now, all you homeschoolers, I know people who do a fantastic job homeschooling; unfortunately, I know too many people who have no business homeschooling. So, look at yourself and only be offended if you are in the last group and don’t write me nasty letters if you know darn well you are doing an excellent job. But, most of the home schooling parents I met had NO sense of humor. I think I’ll stop there before I say something I’ll regret in the morning and then it will be raining, in Indiana, and I won’t be able to go on and delete it and pretend I didn’t say it and I’ll get hate mail Blogs. 


Indiana knitting: Perhaps we could repair our infrastructure that way. When it rains in Indiana you get a party line phone line.  It doesn’t take rain to lose power. That happens once a month whether you want it to or not. The water main is the best; it only breaks every other month.


Polygamy pottery: Is that a coffee pot with eight coffee cups? Could it be a set with one large bowl and eight cereal bowls? Or a tea pot and eight teacups?


Wisconsin writing: That would be the hilarious Blog my niece would have. I will try to get her to join the family Blog-a-thon when I’m up there for the next family wedding.

Okay, I’m going to bed now. Hope I don’t hate myself in the morning.


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I usually do not blog at night or do anything at night that cannot be totally undone in the morning. I am not a night person. I would like to go to bed around 8pm but that seems excessive once you are over eight.  I have to write this now though and get it off my chest.

In a fit of great excitement, I wrote Master’s Daughter today and told her that I had finally received my first link from a published author, who had written me several times and liked my writing. Since this Blog should be about writing, it was a major coupe.  Not only was it exciting, but it was someone whose book we had both read. I probably should not admit this, if I ever want a published writer to link back to me, but my daughter bought the book and lent it to me to read. Sorry!

It’s a great book, by Blogger  Crazy Aunt Purl, Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair.  I read it before I ever found her blog and this morning, somehow, I thought she had linked to my blog and so, somehow I found my way to hers. This, in itself, is a difficult thing when you are so Blog illiterate as I am and when I told my daughter she had left comments on a couple of my Blogs, and my daughter was excited for me and went to find Crazy Aunt Purl’s comments and couldn’t; well, neither could I.

Since my daughter does not have a bucket of iced drink with Jose Cuervo here, I cannot blame it on the one too many dipper theory.  However, I have started taking Melatonin to help me sleep, and I have been having some mighty strange dreams. Things involving sticky human blood all over my hands and carrying around a skull and looking for the body to go with it. Somehow, this is not my idea of a “restful nights sleep.”

So, I have decided to blame it on the Melatonin.  But, would greatly appreciate it if one published author would find it in their heart to link back to my blog before Master’s Daughter has me committed.

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