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It is in the high 60’s today, in Indiana.  I understand that in Casper, Wyoming, where we lived for ten years before moving back home to Indiana, they have had four good snow storms and are expecting ten more inches this weekend. 

I am still not used to the warmth and nicer weather we have by living less than fifty miles south of Indianapolis.  It is gorgeous today and I saw my first Christmas advertisement.  Good Grief!

It used to be that you had Halloween, the next day you saw adds for Thanksgiving and then, right around Thanksgiving the Christmas adds started.  Now, the folks at Hobby Lobby tell me they have already condensed the ornaments, since they have sold so many, and the Christmas television ads have started.

Just like Crazy Aunt Purl, and her fight against buying more Christmas decorations, I am a Christmas nut.  I have ornaments from both of my grandmother’s trees.  I love the season and I love the lights, smells, sounds and ornamentation of it.  However, it just does not last as long as it used to.

I remember coming home from school with crayon Christmas drawings, through huge drifts of snow , and how long it seemed before Christmas Eve.   I remember sneaking into the kitchen, while the others decorated the tree, and eating the whole package of chocolate covered wafer cookies.  I do not remember the throwing up which I did.

But, snow or no snow, and even though Christmas comes and goes in the blink of an eye, it is a warm and cozy holiday to spend with loved ones.  With or without sixteen rubbermaids of decorations.

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7.2 lbs of Earthquake warningWish TV, out of Indianapolis, had a blog going for people to write in and tell how they experienced the quake. I guess some of the geologists were even interested in it for diagnostic reasons but one of them took exception to them relating, on the air, stories of animals who got upset before the quake. His reason was that they were just fostering a stupid myth and that animals can’t predict quakes.

First, heck yeah, I felt the quake. We’re in Brown County and the house shook pretty good in two waves at 5:38am. (Hey, you look at your watch when those things are over.) Then, once today we had a smaller shake around 11:15, when one of the many aftershock’s hit. The boys in the downstairs bedroom didn’t wake up. I woke up just prior to the quake.

To back up a bit, we have possession of my mother’s chihuahua. For two or three days before this morning, the darn dog has had to go out ever ten minutes. I was beginning to worry she had an infection or something. It was almost like she didn’t want to be in the house and it wasn’t because we had gorgeous weather. Which we did! Then about ten hours before the quake she started panting and shaking. That is a sure sign she is scared of something.

I have Valerian to give her and did so to calm her down as her heart is enlarged. She was really acting wierd. She even begged me to follow her and then led me into the bathroom. She sat down between the wall and the stool and just looked at me, like she wasn’t going to move. It’s the only room without lots of windows but she couldn’t tell me if that was why or not. She usually sleeps on my bed but not by my head. Last night she slept up by my head; almost on top of it. I am not sure, but I think maybe she woke me up shivering.

Since we didn’t have any damage or injury, I can admit that I rather enjoyed the feel of the quake it. It was as if a giant had the house in his hand and shook it back and forth. (Okay, I admit it. I hate roller-coasters but like natural stuff like this.) It did the shaking for maybe twenty to thirty seconds, then stopped and then started again for another short period. All the time, I’m wondering if this is going to get worse and at what point I should get up and move away from the huge windows that my bed is next to.

The dog has shivered on and off today since then. She bugs me to stay away from the couch by the window and onto the one against a wall. Right now, she is sitting behind my back on the arm of the couch. I’m sorry, but this dog did know the quake was going to happen. And, next time she leads me into the bathroom, I’m not sleeping by the windows

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