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Since the President has approved fourteen more Indiana counties for federal assistance, I thought this might be a good time for an update.  The counties approved are Adams, Brown, clay, Daviess, Dearborn, Greene, Henry, Jackson, Jennings, Knox, Owen, Rush, Shelby and Sullivan.

Brown County is no longer under a boil water order. I phoned the Water Utility yesterday. They had just received their latest test results and we are all clear. With six people in the house over 18, that is a huge relief. I was washing and rinsing dishes with bleach water and trying to keep up with the miniature ants who have invaded our home. Seems the rain has really driven them above ground and into our home. I have also found a new use for Bleach water, but I imagine I hear their little ant selves screaming as it touches them. 

It is amazing all the affects a flood can have.  Southern Indiana Hospitals have lost 600 units of blood, it is estimated. So, Columbus is having a blood drive. They are holding it at the City Hall, 123 Washington. It started Friday and runs from 9a.m. to 4 p.m. today, Saturday, June 14, 2008.

The Columbus Regional hospital is shut down. They are paying employees for a two week period while they, the hospital, works to clean the mud and muck out of the basement. Jim Bickel, CEO of the hospital will conduct a press conference at 2 p.m. today to cover the steps needed for re-opening the facility.

Road closings for Columbus are at the bottom of this post.

In Brown County,  the Health Department is offering free Tetanus shots.  They are waiting on assessments from outside their department that will evaluate structural components of homes before they can declare a home as habitable.

The highway department is clearing culverts and repairing bridges, as well as several roads that have been damaged. The Sheriff’s department has increased patrols in affected areas to deter potential looters. All residents are asked to keep an eye on dams in the county (not for looting, but for leaks) as they travel, and DNR representatives are currently in the county inspecting “high hazard dams.” And, there goes two more ants and I am in the front room.  It beats the hundreds in the kitchen.

This is the site for Nashville, Indiana’s Tornado & Flood Information Page Nashville Indiana Flood and Tornado Issues

And, last, is Martinsville.  Mom was under a severe storm warning again yesterday and a flood warning. The rain wasn’t as severe as expected, thank goodness. South Elementary School, homes in Fraker’s Trailer Court and Lavanian Trailer Court were under several feet of water six days ago. Today, the water has receeded and residents now face clean up.

There is a great story on the flooding from the perspective of one of the Williamsburg Colonial Apartments residents as they wake up, that morning, to pounding on their door and one inch of water changes to 3 inches in 10 minutes. Flood victims struggle to cope with stress is the link to the report in the Reporter-Times of Martinsville.  A few hours later, the water was chest high as a former bar bouncer carried children through the water to higher ground.  The apartments were eventually under five feet of water.

Recovery is beginning in Central Indiana, but it is a long road. Most homeowners do not have flood insurance and FEMA offers low cost interest loans. We are so lucky we did not lose our home. We have a mortgage, no flood insurance, and if our home had been lost, we do not have the income to take on a loan to rebuild, in addition to the mortgage. I’m thankful that, other than some water in the basement, and loss of carpets and a mattress, our main problem is the tiny ants who have taken up residence.

Roads closed in Bartholomew County (Columbus)  include:

500N east of Road 825E (Schaefer Lake dam)

900E between North & East Lake Shore Drives

620 N between 900E to 1000E

775E between Hope Corp. Limits and 800N

800N between State Road 9 and Road 670E

250W just south of Lowell Road

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