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It was very quiet, at our home last week. No tv blaring, no air conditioner blasting, no microwave buzzing and dinging, no toaster shooting bread in the air (we have a very energetic toaster), no internet, no lights, no shower.  Okay, there were drawbacks too.

Early Tuesday, our area was hit by a tornado.  Irritating little Chihuahua and I were home alone and the wind blew and limbs were horizontal and the sheet of rain was so dense you could not see through it.  It came up fairly quick and I watched the window, with one eye, while I got her harness on (she can be really slippery) and I moved a few things away from the window, and was ready to head downstairs. 

Once, when I was a child, a tornado went over our house.  It was one of my few pre-school memories but I remember the sound like a train was roaring overhead.  I was also in one in Gettysberg, PA, while on vacation.  That time was like this, except we did not have golf ball size hail. 

Other than several trees down, and one very large limb on our roof, we were pretty lucky.  We didn’t even lose a lot of food.  Our cheap, little freezer from WalMart, was pretty packed and I put everything I could in there from the fridge freezer and it held.   The neighbor lost half their roof as a huge tree crashed through it.  The roads were closed with hot wires and trees.  We had a level 2, stay off the road order and a water boil order.

By Thursday, the weather was heating up and husband needed airconditioning or I was going to suffocate him myself as his breathing, or attempt to, really gets loud when he has trouble.  So, we were off to Indy for the cheap seats and air conditioning.  Us, and the two boys watched two movies and ended up eating two, not so cheap, meals.   The lights came back on Friday evening. 

The things you really miss without electricity: showers and ice and an oven or microwave.  I told them, if it happens again, we should just break out the tent and camp in the yard.

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News I hear from mom, in her senior apartment, is unfortunately full of who broke their hip, who went to a nursing home and what little old man is hitting on the ladies. When she first moved in, ladies would knock on her door, if they saw her talking to the “wrong” man at lunch, and warn her. It wasn’t because elderly Henry was trying to “hit” on her. It was usually to warn her that elderly Henry would borrow money and not pay it back. Senior men are now the gold-digger’s.


Her newest neighbor, however, is a different type of gentleman and gives the ladies a lot to fill their day. He caused the first uproar the day word got out that he had told another man that he “needed a woman.” The next rumor was when a little lady with Alzheimer’s went around stating he had forced his way into someone else’s apartment. Then, he was walking down the hall drunk and muttering to himself. Now, he goes and gets arrested. And, right in front of the building.


One day, a young oriental girl knocked on mom’s door. She said she was visiting the man next door and he didn’t have any ice. Mom let her in and let her get ice. I’m pretty sure Master’s Daughter will be hurt at this. She was never allowed to get ice herself. A couple of days later, two oriental young ladies knocked on her door. They needed more ice for their “visit.” This time mom gave them two trays of ice, tray and all. She said they were very sweet ladies but mom was suspicious of their profession; given the man had already stated he “needed” a woman. Master’s daughter was curious as to whether the ice was needed due to one of the serious side affects mentioned in the little blue pill commercials.


The other day a very tall man knocked on mom’s door and asked for “that old man.” She immediately thought undercover policeman. There had been a rumor of a sweet smoky aroma emanating from the guys apartment for a while. Mom told him to try next door, shut her door and went back to her television. Later the rumor mill was abuzz.


Two police cars were outside the building. The fellow next door was resisting arrest and had to be subdued and handcuffed.  Guess he’ll be moving into other facilities now. Guess mom was right about the undercover cop. Guess the lady was right about the “sweet” smoke smell. Mom had not heard a thing that went on.


We’ll never know if the ice was for the possibly dangerous side effects of that little blue pill.

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