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 XUP’s post *XUP* brought up another side of the large family debate.  To recap, there was dad, mom, brother(10 years older) and me in our house.  Quiet does not even begin to describe our house.  If television had never been invented, we could have lived in a morgue.

I loved going to my sister’s house (she lived with my grandmother and my aunt) for holidays.  On Christmas, Mom always worried that we had to leave our toys, but I think that set up for me that holidays were about family.  They were not about money spent on gifts, or the size of the turkey.  They were about sharing.

I loved picking out which gift/s I was going to take and show my sister.  She is ten years older than I am.  I loved opening the car door and waving to my aunt, with her movie camera going.  I loved going into the house and having all the aunts hug and give me a sloppy kiss and then into the kitchen where grandma , who would play the piano on rare occasions, would sneak me bits of my favorite food (generally desert).  I only have two cousins on that side of the family.  They are both male and both older, so there was not a lot of interaction going on.

In the summer, we would have a rare treat of a small Dairy Queen cone, on the way home.  Every season had it’s own special treat and memories.

I only remember one or two family gatherings with my mother’s side of the family.  I was very close to one cousin, out of eighteen, and being a loner do not really remember doing much there. 

That side of the family has some wonderful people and then some truly unbalanced ones who insisted on starting a fight every gathering.  I am sure that put a damper on the whole “get together” thing. 

The fun parts though were when my uncle played fiddle.  I loved his scratchy cigarette voice and also the humor of one of my aunts.  The really sweet, large family aunt made the best apple desert in jelly roll pans and I would go, fights or no fights, purely for her cooking.  Gosh, we have a theme going here; my need for desert.  But, that is for another post. 

I am a loner, but I would not give up the large family gatherings, fights and all, for anything.  It was the exclamation point on a long quiet sentence.

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What is it about the holidays and family gatherings that can drive me to distraction?  For years, both families insisted on having their family gathering on Christmas day.  So, for a few years, we tried to do each but that was just a hassle.


You know the drill!  You go to one family, eat one meal, sit and are just in the middle of a great conversation and it is time to get everyone bundled up to go to the next family and eat yet another meal.  Perhaps this holiday dilemma is the root cause of overweight people. 


We finally decided that enough was enough and we moved out of state.  Thereby solving the whole problem, or NOT!  A couple of years ago, now back in Indiana, we drive three hours to be with Master’s daughter’s family for Christmas.  It is like attending a four star hotel; only with friends and great food and games and free movies.


Our three boys love playing games with her four boys (that includes bear of a husband).  And, while they are causing a ruckus in the dining room, we women are off in the front room talking and watching movies and knitting; or in the case of mom, dozing off.  Oh, and gathering material for three months worth of funny blogging.




We usually go to Master’s Daughter’s house on the 23rd or 24th.  One year, we decided to open presents on the day after Christmas, thereby freeing up Christmas day for husband’s family.




It was a disaster.  In near white out, nasty conditions and in a car without a muffler or heater, we drove four hours to Illinois, to his niece’s house.  We sat down and ate a good meal and then, everyone left.   I guess, with the kids all grown all the adults had the long drive ahead of them in mind.  Eight hours on the road for a meal. Never again!

So, what does your family do?  How do you resolve the Christmas dilemma?   You can vote in my pole, as soon as I finish working it out.

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