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Mom used to sit in the window, even if I was outside all day, and watch me. I knew I was under her watchful eye and I was used to it.  But, I was also sure, that she was convinced that someone was going to kidnap me.  Hence, she was on alert. There had been Romany’s camped at the edge of their property occasionally, when she was a girl.  They came to her mother and purchased chickens and even paid mom’s little sisters to sing and dance for them. 


Now, from what I have read, in the fifties, when I was little, most people felt safe and secure, except from nuclear fall-out.  They still seemed to have some faith in their fellow Americans, but not my family.  Dad’s credo was, “If it happened once to someone, somewhere in the world, it will happen to us.”  This led to a lot of fear of—well, of everything.


For this reason, it became a joke between my brother and I that we had actually been stolen from a Romany camp.  The reason mom watched out the window was her fear that they would come and take us back one day.  After all, we did seem to have different politics from our parents, and neither of us seemed to have much of the Obsessive Compulsive gene.  But, we certainly inherited their “not so good” health genes.


I am sure mom agreed that I did not belong to her when I went through my “late hippy” period. 


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My kids tease me about being an old hippy. It is usually when they look around the house and wonder who is going to have to deal with my life. I do not dress in tie dye, or dance under the moon naked (Although that one sounds like much more fun than tie dyeing) but I do have my causes.

One of my causes is so simple that I do not understand the problem people have with it, and that is to try and always walk in another person’s shoes. Everyone deserves a chance; no matter what color, creed or sex, so if you will just try to imagine what it is like for someone else, you can be a bit more understanding. (She said, as she thought of her brother-in-law and saw the flaw in this argument.)

I have a perfectly intelligent friend, this is definitely NOT my brother-in-law, but a male friend, who is so totally unable to make a decision (come to think of it, that is the reason he gets along so well with husband). This guy is frozen by what music he likes (he must hear it for years to decide whether he likes it or not), and purchases are a major issue. He thinks about buying a couch, and after years of saying that he needs to buy a couch, his sister showed up at his door and took him out and he bought a couch.

His house actually looks like a single woman lives there because of this.

He is a nice guy. He has helped us out a lot and he does things for others. But, he just cannot understand that not everyone has the ability to help themselves. That, sometimes people just need a bit of a ‘leg up.’

I also know someone, male again, who has stated repeatedly that he cannot understand what another person is feeling. Needless to say, this hurts his relationships to no end. “But dear, think about how you would feel, if my nephew pushed you; physically pushed you.” Nope, nada, cannot understand.

So, next time you are walking down the street, instead of casting aspersions (a lot like fly fishing, I’m told), look at their situation and try to understand that we were not all given the same background or parents or circumstances to achieve what we/they hopefully can if you just give a bit of a ‘leg up.’

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