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When I was in High School, we had a drive-in on the corner, where we could go and eat nutritious lunches of french fries and candy bars.  At least, they were an identifiable food, unlike the cafeteria.  I basically grew up on potatoes.

My mother once took me to the doctor and said, “All I can get her to eat are potatoes.”  He pointed out that I was extremely active, basically healthy and in good shape so stop worrying mom.  I should have kept eating potatoes.

There was one thing I was addicted to, besides potatoes and it was a version of a peanut butter cup.  I think made by the same company.  The difference was that the covering was a harder form of peanut butter over the softer peanut butter inside.

Smoothie Peanut Butter cup

Memory alert:  I was remembering this allllll wrong.  The Smoothie peanut butter cup is what I must have eaten and it is butterscotch, with junks of peanuts, covering the peanut butter center.  It was soooooo good.

Read more about it here:  http://candyaddict.com/blog/2007/07/19/retro-candy-review-boyer-smoothie-peanut-butter-cups/


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I have joined Classmates.com and in doing so, rather than finding out that no one remembers me, I am finding out that I don’t remember hardly anyone else.  I see a name and think it is familiar, but I have no positive recollection of who that person is.  Is that the little snippy girl or the one I liked?  And, on top of that, everyone labels themselves as a “loner” and no one posts pictures of themselves back in high school.


I know that our faces widen as we age, noses and ears continue to grow and let us not even get into what happens to our hips and stomachs, but come on guys, who the heck are you?  Too many years have passed and no one looks even vaguely familiar.


Is this actually the high school I graduated from?  The same high school where this girl was the ditzy, back stabbing cheerleader?  Has she grown up now and realized how shallow that was?  Is this one the nice quiet one?  Is this the same school where this guy was the hot jock and these kids (and me for a short time) were the band nerds?  Is it that no one wants to admit who they were or does it just not matter anymore?


Or, did everyone see themselves as loners then, or just in looking back now?  High school years can be rugged; two of my guys are going through them.   It is good that I can tell them, “this too shall pass.”  After all, we do all have to grow up sometime.  It’s just unfortunate that our memory has to go when we do.  


Oh, that’s just me.

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