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I am going crazy trying to figure out how to stop this “thing” from happening when I am in MSWord. I think it is a computer problem, not an MSWord problem, like the irritating three asterics makes a line thing. Whoever did that should be shot, right after they find the imbecile who invented VISTA.


But, I digress. I think it is a Control Panel, setting, but I can’t find it and I really want it to stop. It’s driving me nuts.


I’m using a laptop and, being a very fast typist, my hands/thumbs go over the touchpad constantly. I think it is this that starts it to happen, but every once in a while, the cursor gets “on” and all of the sudden my novel is scrolling before my eyes at the speed of light. It just happened here writing this post and I’m pretty sure the base of my thumb was over the up/down arrow keys on the touchpad. But, what can I do about it???


When it happens, the cursor/arrow is pointing to a little bar. It’s not pointing at the bar on the side or bottom that you would usually use to scroll. It’s in the middle of my screen somewhere and it’s taken possession of my document/arrow/cursor/sanity.


I don’t think I hit the right or left mouse click either. It’s some idiot setting they put on here that I don’t want, like the million other things your computer comes with that you don’t want and that take up room and memory.


In the meantime, I have lost my place and have to find it again to return to what I was doing.


Does anyone know what that thing is called and how to turn it off?


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