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Having been without health insurance for so long, and now being covered under the Healthy Indiana Plan, I have spent this last three months having everything done that could be done. Today, I do believe, I have found the humor in this whole situation and trust me, I am very grateful to Indiana for the insurance.

There was the Cardiologist who, after doing an ultrasound on my heart, told me that my heart was NOT damaged. I felt like I had been given a reprieve and also like he was either giving me a placebo talk or my brain is totally failing me. He says he has no idea where I got that idea. And, as I said after photographing the wedding, I am capable of much more than I thought I was.

Well, I came home from that doctor’s visit a new and energized woman. I’m not lifting weights yet but that is mostly because it is cold and they are on a screened in porch. After Gaffer returns to Santa Fe, they will be moved into his room: with the rabbit, the upright piano, the treadmill and all Gaffer’s stuff boxed up. That room is shrinking let me tell you.

Then, there was the visit to the Ophthalmologist. The Healthy Indiana Plan gives you gift cards for all sorts of things. I filled out an online questionnaire and got a $50 Barnes and Noble gift card. Gosh, they know the way to my heart. So, I signed up for a Health Coach.

Truth be told, I wanted to do it, the $100 gift card is icing on the cake, which I no longer eat because of the type 2 diabetes. I want to get healthy and strong again and I will do what it takes to get there. But, my personal health coach was more interested in my health problems and was concerned about my occasional blurry vision. Being Pre-diabetic, and she told me that they do not consider there is such a thing, you either are or you aren’t, she wanted me to have a retinal check. I went to the ophthalmologist, who declared my eyes free of diabetic damage however; I have cataracts that are just starting. My husband turns to me and says, “You are too young for cataracts.” He thinks a minute and then says, “No, I guess you aren’t.”

Is there humor in either of those situations? Sure, cataracts can be fixed and my husband, well, he was never been known for tact. Such as the time he stated that the actress on Burn Notice, is in fact sexy and does not look anorexic to him. My look told him never to say that again.

There is the hematologist who wants a DNA for Hemachromatosis. And, yes, HIP will pay for same if it is done because of a parent having the disease. My father died of Hemachromatosis and one family member has already tested positive on the DNA deal. I don’t mind blood sticks, so that one is a go.

I’ve had flu shots, shingles shots, ultrasounds, xrays, and now a DNA and visits with a cardiologist, hematologist, ophthalmologists and twice or more my G.P. But, tomorrow beats them all. It’s the dreaded colonoscopy.

I have, as anyone who has had this done, knows, spent the day drinking the most vile concoction and drinking every allowable drink possible to get the sneer off my face that has been there since 2:30 when I drank the Phospho-Soda the first time and discovering that there is no toilet paper, on the face of the earth, soft enough by 7:30pm.

Now, I drink water, listen to my stomach gurgle and drink more water, awaiting that midnight deadline where my mouth will become parched like the Sahara Desert and I will no longer be allowed even water. I will take a fast shower as there is something wrong with the water heater and wake up at an ungodly hour to go and wait two hours for the test.

Somewhere, somehow there is humor in all of this.

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Remember the Dick VanDyke show?  There was a great episode where he went to his son’s school, probably a “What does father do?” day. He was bombing.  Telling kids you write for a sit-com that is on later than they are allowed to stay up, did not impress them.  Then, he slipped and fell, and they laughed.  So, he started a monologue about what humor is.  It boiled down to one word:  the unexpected.  Okay, that’s two words but the first one doesn’t count.


My humor has been on hiatus lately.  I have exactly twenty-seven blog entries started.  I go through them every day; and edit and try to make them either more interesting or funnier.  But, lately I’m just on a dry spell.


I should be happy.  I think the world is going well and that leaves me without funny things to complain about.  Maybe, the starving artist that I am, just needs things to go wrong? 


My garret is too full of food.  I can have the heat up as high as I need as we are switching companies and have to empty the propane tank.  Since we will lose that propane anyway, it’s almost like having free heat; even though I break out in a sweat when I remember just how much that tank cost to fill.


I have health insurance now too, and I went to the cardiologist the other day and he said my heart is good to go.  There was no permanent damage done and I am clear to get running and lifting weights. Now, that might be funny once I get going.  I have been on the treadmill all week, except I forgot yesterday.  That’s the trick now, to get in the habit.


Gaffer is scheduled to come home for Christmas, which is always a joy.  And, he is taking visiting bunny back home with him.  At least that is the plan, for now.  That’s what they thought last visit too.  Also, news from him is that he is buying an upscale wardrobe.  Last Christmas EMT bought Gaffer a really nice leather jacket.  I think it influenced him to upgrade from “Charlie Harper cargo pants” to jackets and even a tie.  Perhaps he is getting ready to go out in the world now.  We will know if he ever gets his hair styled. 


EMT may join the Army.  He took some type of test and got 100% on it.  They have been courting him ever since. They pick him up in Nashville and take him to Bloomington, to their office, where I think they conduct secret experiments on him.  From my understanding, no one gets 100%. 


And JRock starts his guitar lessons today.  He is doing MUCH better in his classes.  The teachers tell me that a lot of kids have trouble when they start high school but a year and a half is a bit much.


So, life is going well.  But, tomorrow is always another day. 



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I have found the Catch-22 in my state’s health insurance.  Yes, they have given me wonderful insurance and they have given the nineteen year old, high school attending EMT boy health insurance; however, they have taken away the sixteen year olds insurance.  And, it’s all semantics.


I am grandmother/step-mother/guardian to JRockGuitarMan.  I have not been able to work for some time due to not having insurance and what the really crappy doctor’s poor people get, did to me.  That’s a way long, sad and boring story there.  But, as step-mother, I do not count as part of the family. 


Nineteen year old brother, while still in high school (due to no fault of his own, it’s that pesky little homeschooling thing.) does not count on our income because he is, well, nineteen.  Never mind that he cannot go out and get a 9 to 5 job because, golly, the school system insists he attend school during those hours and he is not one of those people who can do without sleep for days on end.


So, we have disabled husband, who counts, and is currently the sole bread winner.  Me, who doesn’t count, EMT boy who doesn’t count and sixteen year old JRockGuitarMan who counts, is sixteen and no longer qualified for insurance because our income is just a tad too high for a family of TWO.  We would qualify for a family of three and be way under for a family of four.


But, that’s right folks; we four are considered a family of two. The person writing this does not exist in the scheme of things, and in Indiana’s eyes.  I finally get insurance and now I have to worry that for the next three years, if this kid has to have a surgery, we will be in deep trouble.


It’s always something.  And, excuse me if I do not feel real humorous this morning.


Frankly, despite what CNN says, I AM offended and bothered by the price of Sarah Palin’s, who is a woman just like me (RIGHT!) campaigning wardrobe that they spent like a bazillion dollars on.  I shop at Good Will.  Why wouldn’t I be offended?  After all, they are going to donate that wardrobe so one woman, somewhere will get nice clothing.



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