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When my mother’s essential tremor started developing, she went to the doctor. Since she is a poet, it caused her quite a bit of frustration. She could not make notes, when she got ideas, at least not so she could read them back.  If you remember something that was marketed for kids (I think in the 60s), and I think it was called a “crazy writer” then you have an idea what her handwriting looks like.  It was a pen that you put batteries in and it vibrated back and forth. That’s mom’s handwriting.


She decided it was time to go to the doctor and find out what was wrong, and hopefully get something to fix it.  After explaining the situation to the doctor, he examined her and then said: (Note, the line spacing designates the pauses the doctor took, in his story.)


“You know, this reminds me of my grandmother.


“She started to get a tremor, like yours.


“And, then it got a little worse,


“And, then it got a lot worse.


“And, then it got real bad.


“And, then,



She died.”


What a bedside manner!

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