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One of the things that I love about having the grandsons living with me is hearing them play video games (usually at 3am).  They use false voices and get VERY animated and act like normal five year olds.

The fact that they are actually 19 and 24 does not change a thing.

Beside doing the ‘voices’ at 3am, while playing video games, they also tend to do them on the car, on the way home from movies.  Last night, it was Deathly Hallows, Part II.

Let me say first, that there may be a SPOILER or twenty here, if you have not seen the movie.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

I knew, within the first 3 minutes, of Deathly Hallows II starting, that this was going to be the best movie yet.  I actually cannot wait till it comes out on DVD so I can watch it again, and again.  I am not going to go into all the great things I liked about the movie because they far outway the maybe two complaints I had.  My ‘children’ however, nit picked all the way home and I wish I would have taken notes.  Because they had me in stitches all the way home too.

I think it started off with, “Why didn’t anyone act surprised when Hagrid dropped the dead Harry?”  I had not actually noticed this but I tend to view things through rose colored glasses and Harry Potter is one of those things.  Then, the boys go off using voices to pretend to be the different characters:

“What the f__k!”  Voldemort said in surprise.  “How many times do I have to kill you?”

“Opps!”  Hagrid said.  “It wasn’t me.  I didn’t drop Harry.”

“Great, one more wand for the fight.”  said someone on Harry’s side.

I then pointed out that Voldemort’s comment sounded a lot like Jeff Dunham and that led to a conversation of which puppet would be Voldemort.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember all the other spots that bothered them.  I do know that one thing that has always bothered me is how stupid Harry is to always lay his wand down.  He did it again, as soon as Voldemort left the room from killing Snape.  We have all decided that Harry needs to have a wrist strap on his wand.  In fact, I think they should be mandatory on all wands, as wands were flying in the air during the battle and the boys had quite a discussion about the perils of wands flying in the air during a battle and poking out eyes, etc.

Picture Mrs. Weasley and Bellatrix doing battle and then realizing they had picked up each others wands from the floor by mistake, and had to truce for one minute in order to trade their wands back.  That’s sort-of our conversation in the car going home.  Just in funny voices.

Sorry, can’t give credit for this photo as it came up on Bing and, I really hate Bing, there was no credit to where Bing got it.

Everyone loved Bellatrix skipping along at Voldemorts side.  She always takes life so seriously!  While Helena Bonham Carter played the part great, as she always does, when she was Hermoine polyjuiced into Bellatrix, I wish they would have done just another few minutes of it, you know, Hermoine trying to act like Jack Sparrow.  There again, Jeff Dunham could have done a great job.

We also decided that Neville was perhaps not as bright as could be when he waited at the wrong end of the bridge they were going to blow up.  You never wait on the end that is going to blow up.  I would also advise him not to taunt bad guys.

NO ONE liked the “19 years later segment.”  In fact, the audience laughed at each “aged” face.  Seriously, it was lame and they should have left it off.  There ensued a discussion as to the fact that Gaffer has heard that Rawling did not even write that postscript. I am pretty sure this is some on-line urban legend, since it is in her book and not credited to anyone else.

All in all, I want to go back tonight.  It was an awesomely, awesome movie.  The Best!

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 ford anglia jpg

When we visited the Museum that was—   What happened to the “Wow” factor??? « Savanvleck’s Weblog  about the Musuem of Science and Industry and, okay, so maybe you just cannot go back.  But, we were surprised to see the Harry Potter tent.  Do not totally misunderstand me; there are some very great things to see at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.  But, Harry Potter, in a tent?

Yes, the Harry Potter was is in the tent and it is the most wonderful of adventures.  I was really hoping the four year old, who was walking around the museum in his wizard’s hat and robe, all a bit big for him, would be there at the time we were allotted.  Alas, no little wizard in sight.  I can see that this exhibit is for the big kids. 

Even it’s interactive features were for older kids.  First, you needed some truly big muscles to pull the Madrack Roots out of their pots.  The fact that I only made one Quaffle through the goal, is probably my own lack of sporting ability and not theirs.  But, The splendor of Dumbledore’s robe will definitely be lost on most eight year olds.  Us big kids got to experience the joy and wonder of the Hogwarts world.   I surprised myself with the amount of time I stared at the Grim in Harry’s teacup.

Bad news, no cameras.  The only thing we could take a picture of was the Ford Anglia that sat in a lobby in the museum.  The strip mall aspect, just left me cold and I had not brought my “good” camera, so I blotted out the mall with this very bad sky. 

Of course, had they allowed cameras, everyone would have been so busy taking pictures that we all would have ended up flash blind, so I do understand.  I was a bit surprised that they did not have someone set up in front of Hagrid’s chair though to take souvenir pictures.  It would have been cheesy, but a compromise.

Master’s Daughter and I sat in Hagrid’s chair and we agreed it is the same size as Master Daughter’s husbands chair.  We often say that “he is too big to be allowed” also,  but it is usually in relation to his behavior (love ya, son-in-law).  Anyway, we thought it should have been a LOT bigger.  I suppose this would not have worked well for Robbie Coltrain.

Master’s Daughter rented us the “tour” speakers and they added a lot of great information.  I love all the details of a movie I enjoy.  I watch those second discs that have information on how it was all done.  It was fun hearing the French fashion designer who designed the clothing tell about how she made Doloris Jane Umbrage’s clothing a progressively darker pink throughout the movie to indicate her increasingly bad ways.  Note: She said it more eloquently than that, but you get the point.

It was a series of exhibits, but they made it special, with entertainment and trivia quizzes as you waited in line.  I did not realize you should yell back that Harry was your favorite character, but I have a warm spot for Lupin’s character.  He is a good person, who faces a vast adversity yet maintains his gentleness, intelligence and humor.  I do believe I was a minority of one. 

When your ticket time arrives, you enter the door and they have a young lady with the sorting hat.  I have a feeling that the number of people who actually try on the hat is directly proportional to the number of people still backed up from the earlier tour.  But, it is fun as she banters with the audience.   And, I would like to complain that our on-line tickets were not designed, when printed as a ticket to catch the Hogwart’s Express at stop 3 3/4.  For the price, $20, it would have been a cheap and nice touch to do .

When it is time to enter the exhibit and you are in a room with a faux Hogwart’s Express.  The “tube” front end of the train itself was positively the worse exhibit in the whole thing.  But when it is time to leave and the light shines from the train, the attendant is holding up the lantern and the curtain rises and you are there, it is magical.  Okay, I have a very vivid imagination, but I loved it.

Exhibits had numbers to use with your tour speakers and we “ooohd!” and “ahhhd!” and “Did you see that?” our way through the exhibit.  There was plenty of room and if four people were in front of one display, we just went across the little hall to the other side and back again.  We were never rushed and poured over every item. 

Before the end, two young men approached us to ask how we liked the exhibit and listen to our own stories of Harry Potter.  I, having much to thank J.K. Rowling for in getting JRock into books, reading and education and also helping him to know that there are others who have come from a Dursley family and he can overcome that too. He said that was a great story and they do pass the book around at night and read it and he wanted me to put that story in the guest book.  Since, I would be there writing still and we had a train to catch back and there were two people ahead of us, I did not.

We hit the store at the end, to find that it was basically things you could find online, although I had been wanting a snitch.  Okay, do not even ask.  I have no idea why, but I wanted a smaller size snitch for my trunk. “I got a wand and you didn’t!” « Savanvleck’s Weblog  And I did get my Snitch.  Since last Christmas, when I received my trunk to take to Hogwarts, I have added a version of the Maurader’s map, a straw owl, an ornament for astronomy and now my snitch. 

Master’s Daughter is a bit puzzled because she was filing my trunk as if I were Hermoine and now I have a Maurauder’s Map and a Snitch.  But, I am filing it as if I were the one going to Hogwarts and I want that dang Maurader’s Map to sneak around.

Yes, I am a Harry Potter nut!  And,  I had a great time.  But, then I always do when I am with Master’s Daughter.

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Sheryl here:  jumping up and down, clapping my hands in glee, Master’s Daughter and I have tickets for the Harry Potter show at the Museum of Science and Industry | What’s Here | Exhibits | Harry Potter: The Exhibition | Exhibit Guide | Introduction.


I really love Chicago and all of the museums.  I used to spend hours just roaming around with my sketchbook; both in the city and in the museums.  And, now, I get to go and sit in Hagrid’s chair and repot Mandrake’s, Museum of Science and Industry | What’s Here | Exhibits | Harry Potter: The Exhibition | Exhibit Guide | Hands-On  and enter through the “frame of the fat lady’s portrait.”  And, yes, I am sixty-one, but what fun is there in life if you cannot get excited over a bit of magic?


And, the really neat part of it is that I get to spend several days with my daughter.  That means South Bend Chocolate cafe for Aztec hot chocolate and a chinese restaurant and a yummy yarn shop and about a gazbillion laughs. 




It’s a whole month away.  Are we there yet?

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