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So much to say today.  When we took the boys, we were told never to come back to our see our other grandchildren who we had babysat and spent time with continually for years. We were like second parents.  Had I known how bad the abuse of the boys was—I mean, we knew some and that is why we took them, but I had no idea it involved a month locked in the closet, three days without food—had I known this type of thing, I would have called DFS out immediately.  Instead, the step-father got what he wanted. He wanted the three boys who were not his blood out of his family and he wanted us out of his life.  He was smiling when we left.


I woke up with a dream of my granddaughters.  I often dream of the oldest girl.  She and I had a special bond. While granddaughter’s number two and three, favored Grandpa and granddaughter number four was Gaffer’s baby. Oh, how she loved her big brother.  Granddaughter number one was my girl.


She seemed to favor Granddad to begin with but I had gone away for a month and when I returned, the babe in arms she was then looked at me with such admiration and love and that was it. She was my girl, from then on.  When we would arrive and be descended upon by the other children (this is a family of eleven children), granddaughter number one would hold back. I would look around for her and she would be at the edge of the room, near a corner, watching with her slight, shy grin to me.  When the other children then focused on their granddad for tickles and play time, she would come and sit on my lap and almost melt into my body and we would talk.  I miss her so much.  I miss all of them so much.


So, in my dream, I was at my mother’s apartment, outside and instead of the city houses, there was a large park and there, playing in the park was a passel of children. With the modern children playing were my two oldest granddaughters, in pale and shapeless, worn prairie dresses. And, they ran to me and I picked them up, and held them tight to me and was so happy. 


I tried not to wake up, but I did.  It has been three years now since I have seen them. How much they must have grown.  I am told they will find me.  But, knowing the damage that my grandson’s (who live with me now) suffer from, I fear for what shape they will be in. 


On other fronts:


I am watching the storm coming into New Orleans as I finish my morning rituals. It brings back a feeling that I have been through and, I’m sure, a lot of New Orleans families are going through now.  Your life becomes focused on one thing. All other concerns and fears and worries are pushed to the back and there is one focus of your life. Will you have a home, when you get back?


I went through fire evacuations several times during my years in Wyoming.  The worse was when we were told, as we sat in a Red Cross shelter, that the fire had reached our rural street of four houses and surrounded a house.  It had but the firemen saved all our street’s homes. 


Then, we were in Northern Indiana, for Electrician grandson’s graduation, and one of the boys came out and told me that I might want to get online and check our area because it was said to be under water.  So, for that night and the next day, we did not know what we would go home to.  Many people did lose their home and I still remember watching the damage from the tornado a week before, as we drove home. We had only slight water damage.  We were lucky.


But, I know the fear that is in New Orleans and area heart’s and my heart is with you today.  If you don’t mind me reserving a little bit of it for granddaughters.

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Okay, I’m used to seeing searches leading to my Blog site like, “ben stein flds.” He’s the man everyone loves to hate. I did a whole thing on FLDS, and I’m moving on.


But, who in the world searches for “having children obsessively clean”? Does the searcher HAVE obsessively clean children? That, in itself would be a little weird, but if they are searching for a way to keep children obsessively clean, then my prayers are with them; the children and the parent.


Visiting oldest boy’s girlfriend had the answer to the search “what thongs mean.” She suggested that it was someone who did not realize that older people call flip-flops “thongs.” Apparently she has not seen Master’s Daughter’s Blog with the elderly lady in a thong.  EUWWW!


Then there was the search labeled “final middle beginning.” First, I think a person might do a search on “beginning, middle, ending.” But, that might just be the Compulsive gene coming out. Then again, I wouldn’t think anyone would do a search on just these words and not the word for what it is that is beginning, etc.


The search for “Rabbit deaths 4th of July” has me a bit worried. Just what are they doing with those fire crackers.


And, “How much in Wisconsin does jose cuervo cost?” is this a move criteria. They aren’t moving till they know? Or Are they sending someone else to the store?


I had to take a peak at Mom’s search term items: “Puppies without a foot” – That is just plain creepy.


My all time favorite, so far, needs no comments and has to be the following:


 “old grandpa pressing boobs while sleepin”

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