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Extremely Biased Film Reviews – Labyrinth and Dark Crystal


I think these three films might have started Gaffer off on his film industry career.


As a child, he would take one film and watch it over and over and over. We figured it was just a standard “kid thing” until one day we taped over the credits on one of the movies we had taped off tv, because we were tired of renting it.


Little Gaffer was very upset with us because we had taped over the credits he enjoyed reading the credits and knew who edited it, directed it, did the costuming, was the Best Boy and the Gaffer. Those people were important to him, even at the age of seven. 


So, today I review two of his top kid movies of all time:


Jim Henson’s LABYRINTH:

David Bowie really makes this movie; directed by George Lucas. There might be a scary part or two for a really sensitive child but it has a great plot. Older stepsister has to babysit baby stepbrother and resents it. She loves pretending and dressing in costumes and she wants to continue with her roleplaying and not go home to babysit. She feels unloved, unwelcome and unwanted in the home with her stepmother. It’s typical stuff that a kid can relate too.


One day, she wishes the Goblins would take her baby stepbrother away, and it happens. The rest of the story takes place in a “twisted maze of deception, populated with outrageous characters and unknown dangers.” Jim Henson’s characters are great, as always. I love the twin puppets who juggle their heads.


The sets and effects are great, with staircases right out of an Escher print. But, the crowning touch is the music of Goblin King – Bowie. I can hear Dance, Baby Dance in my head and I haven’t watched this for a long time.


I really like this movie and still enjoy watching all the nuances of it; sit down with your kids and enjoy the movie together.



“In another time” was a world divided. It’s basically standard mythology. You have that good and evil thing and the boy (in this case the Gelfling) destined to fulfill the prophecy and save the world. There are characters who have been split into two creatures by good and evil.


This is great and not so. I think Henson’s main character puppets (the Gelfling’s) are kind of lame, but kids seem to like them. There are other characters that ROCK!


Aughra is probably my favorite. She’s a crusty old gal with a model of their universe that revolves in real time and she has been starring at it for so long that she can tell when things aren’t right.


The only scary thing, I think, would be when some of the little creatures get their essence drained. It’s a bit lame too, but could be considered scary.


It moves slower than Labyrinth and does not have as much in it to interest adults but if you listen closely, you can hear the “Old Ones” humming.

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