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The Geeks have it at our house.  Gaming night is every night and I am apt to find small plastic creatures and dice on the table.  What is odd, is that no one has played a game on that table for some time.  I’m thinking they use the table to empty their pockets.  After all, they use their beds for gaming.  

This past December, while Intelligent teacher daughter awaited the full cast of Big Bang Action figures (she is so disappointed that they are not making these yet), Gaffer received most of his gifts via ThinkGeek :: Find Stuff.  After opening a Vader bank, Vader light sabre chopsticks, Star Wars Ultimate Blueprint book, a light up die, a Dexter Action Figure and assorted other items from ThinkGeek, he looked up, beamed a huge smile and said, “It’s, it’s like a Geeky Christmas.  THANK YOU!” 

In fact, I had to place a second order to finish off gifts for three people from ThinkGeek.  My Geek points are adding up and I literally did 95% of my shopping online.  It is difficult to find a Hawaiian shirt in Brown County, Indiana, and eBay was my source for Vintage Hat Pins.  It was soooooo relaxing.

I am not a big shopper.  The most fun I ever had shopping was years ago and the only time I ever shopped on the day after Thanksgiving.  I went to the mall, in Casper, Wyoming with my mother, and two daughters.  We didn’t buy much but we had fun. 

I would like to add that every year Intelligent Daughter has to mail a package to us after Christmas of all the things the boys have left.  It usually ranges from gifts to cell phone charger cords to socks.  This year, NADA, nothing, not one single thing was left behind.

As for me, I just received my Birthday present, early, from mom and husband.  I have a new Kodak PlaySport camera.  I have found out some interesting things.  They only give minimal instructions, but it is amazingly easy to use.  And, the important lesson, in testing, do not film your own face.  If I have to see my face from that angle and light again, I will have to wear a paper bag at all times.   LOVE memory chips.  Erased that one!  Twice!

A ThinkGeeky Christmas was had by all.

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This picture is “Waiting for Grandad.”  Left to right we have, EMT, JCountry and Gaffer.  Pardon my over-crowded house.

Four men in the house and anytime that we can get all four in one room, a game happens.  The latest “greatest” game is 1942, Axis and Allies.  The challenge is getting them all in one room.

The first thing that happened was EMT disappeared.  Literally, disappeared.  He left, on Friday night, to go help with Bingo at the fire department and never returned.  He told me he might just sleep at the department, but would be home in the morning. 

EMT has a bad habit of not letting us know what he is doing.  He is twenty, so it is hard to complain; however, I have repeatedly explained to him that it is a matter of courtesy to let the people you live with know when to expect you back.  Heck, it is even a matter of your own safety, as we have a relative who died when his car flipped over and he wasn’t found for three days.  The first two days he lived. 

So, the first day EMT was missing, I grumbled about him all day.  I left the outside light on until 3am and then swore and went to sleep.  The second day, I began to worry a bit.  Late that day we called his friends.  Why is it no one is ever home when you call them for something really important?  Late that day we drove around.  No one was at the fire department.  No one was at his friend’s house. 

At seventy-two hours, we went to the police and filed a report on him, missing, in our car.   He has had a problem with a couple of guys and we were concerned they had cornered him and beaten him to a pulp and left him in the woods.  We drove around staring between trees for our red van.   Our County is wooded.

Two hours later, when we arrived home from the police station and driving around, for the second time, Gaffer decided to make a library run for books, movies and high speed.  Twenty minutes later, Gaffer calls and lets us know that he is parked next to our Red Van at the library, and will call if his brother is in the library.

YUP!  That’s where we found EMT, after seventy-two hours.  During the time he was missing, he had gone camping, torn apart a car with a friend, and made money scrapping the parts, done Christmas shopping, and gone to the library.  He really does not understand why we were so upset.  In the meantime, my hair is grey!!!

EMT, anticipating leaving for the Army in January, where he will be the problem of the U.S. Government and they can figure out where he is, brought home the Harry Potter Clue game.  He gave it to the family for Christmas and wanted to get a lot of gaming in before he left.  He also figured it was maybe a game I would play.  He was right.

Playing games is akin to having a kidney infection, for me.  I am more a knit and giggle with daughter, while games are going on, preferably with a glass of Bailey’s in hand, kind of gal.  There are now three games I will willingly play: Cribbage, Dominoes and Harry Potter Clue. 

I should be cleaning my piles of projects out of the front room and baking pies or cookies for our Thanksgiving dinner, instead I am blogging and listening to Gaffer speak with a Russian accent as he rolls his dice to defend Russia from Germany.  The are figuratively spitting at each other, I am told.  JCountry is Germany.  Gaffer is Russia.  Granddad is back in from his disappearance to my studio and all is well with our world.

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The other day, our middle boy/grandson/soldier, arrived home from yet another stay at someone else’s house. When you are raising your children’s children, you lose out on some of the progressions of society. It’s much easier to understand a child’s foibles, when you see the progress in the world, and you were a teenager in just the last generation; not the one before.

Suddenly, okay not so suddenly, but I’m still amazed, we are immersed in the age of the teenager, again; this time in the age of the boy teenager. Last time I knew teenagers, it was girls, and girls had sleepovers and boys would not be caught dead at one, unless it was a girl’s sleepover and they were able to harass the girls. Now, guys spend the night at one another’s houses. I fully suspect it has something to do with doing things that you can’t get away with at home, but I’m not sure.

Friends come here too, for the night. Perhaps it is just the age of the PS2/XBox, where they sit up all night, drink pop from liters and see who can dominate the world first.

Anyway, Middle brother and oldest brother, were picked up late from work. Middle son walks in the house in full camouflage, Well, not full – he had not painted his face. While I do not care for his head shaved close, it sure beats the Mohawk he was sporting last month. I reminded him all last month, that he is a pasty white kid, with a pasty very white bald head on each side of a died black Mohawk; unlike his friends who gave it to him at 4am, who are Native American.  I personally like it about an inch and a half long and spiked up, but it’s his head and, as I told myself all last month, it will grow out–Please grow out.

He really likes military clothing and weapons. I asked if he was getting ready to enlist. I do have one grandson who is in the Army. Middle son seemed a bit offended that I did not recognize his uniform as Viet Nam War era wear. Is it the color? He was in green and perhaps Iraq fighting is the tans. Personally, I have not seen a big fashion statement growth in military uniforms, but then again, I don’t follow that too closely.

Whatever the case, he insists he has no interest in the military; although he has been seen out at Camp Atterbury showing up military personnel in feats of endurance and strength. He also outdid everyone, in the school gym, for a push-up challenge to win a “cool” Army poster. And, he wonders why they keep calling him to talk about joining?

Middle boy plans on being an RN. He likes the excitement of Emergency Room work.  I wonder if they make scrubs in army camouflage.

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