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Thank you, Grandma in Illinois, for saying it: “Precludes a choice”

This has been my biggest objection to FLDS, right after whatever/if child abuse we suspect is going on. I am trying to be unbiased here and this is an issue that is difficult for me as some of my grandchildren are living in a similar environment. The only saving grace in my grandchildren’s situation is that their father is so boring and uncharismatic, that he can’t persuade a mouse to come out and eat. Hence, he cannot get a following to abuse.

If you take a child and raise that child outside the world it lives in (being the world of 2008), and you indoctrinate it to your beliefs only, never teach or allow that child to think for itself or see any other beliefs, you have brainwashing, not religion.

Other religions teach their beliefs, but FLDS, and my daughter’s family, do not allow their children to know any other way. The men in charge (I am not a “man hater” you cannot deny that it is men in charge of the FLDS.), these men are using religion to preclude choice for others. In this case, women and children.

This is selective breeding for humans. It is another form of trying to create a master race. For some time it has been the Jeffs, father and son, who decide who breeds and when. During World War II, it was Hitler.

They are using the term religion to destroy free will.

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