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I have discovered the most fun thing. Now granted, it is after 10:00pm, in Indiana, and according to Master Daughter, I am not to be held responsible for any Blog I post after 10:00pm.  Even without any dippers of Jose Cuervo, I can find humor. And, the Tag Cloud thingy I clicked to show on my Blog today is hysterical. 


Just take random words and put them together. It’s like poetry.  So, I’m reading the tags and just having all kinds of ideas for new Blogs. It’s a font of inspiration.

So, here is a sample of my Tag Clouds:


Chicago Chihuahua: Now, are Chihuahua’s different in Chicago than they are in Denver?  I mean, Chihuahua’s in Wyoming have to be black and wear bandanas around their necks. You can’t even buy a pickup truck in Wyoming without proof of black dog ownership.  The Bandana may be a Colorado thing, now that I think of it. Wyomingites don’t want to admit they might have a dog for fun. (No offense, I love Wyoming)


FLDS food foolishness: Do I need to type anything here? Maybe something like, food can’t be red: it’s either the mark of the Devil or of blood, so that means you can’t eat apples (unless you get a heathen to peel them) or tomatoes. What about strawberries and watermelon. Is life worth living without strawberries and watermelon?


Hone Schooling humor: Gosh, what I could do with this.  Now, all you homeschoolers, I know people who do a fantastic job homeschooling; unfortunately, I know too many people who have no business homeschooling. So, look at yourself and only be offended if you are in the last group and don’t write me nasty letters if you know darn well you are doing an excellent job. But, most of the home schooling parents I met had NO sense of humor. I think I’ll stop there before I say something I’ll regret in the morning and then it will be raining, in Indiana, and I won’t be able to go on and delete it and pretend I didn’t say it and I’ll get hate mail Blogs. 


Indiana knitting: Perhaps we could repair our infrastructure that way. When it rains in Indiana you get a party line phone line.  It doesn’t take rain to lose power. That happens once a month whether you want it to or not. The water main is the best; it only breaks every other month.


Polygamy pottery: Is that a coffee pot with eight coffee cups? Could it be a set with one large bowl and eight cereal bowls? Or a tea pot and eight teacups?


Wisconsin writing: That would be the hilarious Blog my niece would have. I will try to get her to join the family Blog-a-thon when I’m up there for the next family wedding.

Okay, I’m going to bed now. Hope I don’t hate myself in the morning.


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I love movies. I could, honest, even though I complain about living in a small house, I could live in a small house but I want it to have a theatre room. Not something to seat forty, just a very large screen, surround sound and a comfy couch or two, easy chairs, bean bags and cushy carpeting; along with a “no talking” sign I could control from my chair.


So, I have decided to add a feature to my Blog, titled: Extremely Biased Film Reviews.


Today’s review is for Tortilla Soup. I have the DVD for this and watch it about four times a year. The delicious Hector Elizondo, what I wouldn’t give to dance with him, is in it. It also has one of those songs in it that you just can’t get out of your head. “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps.” Obviously, I need to watch the movie again to find out the real title of that song, but I first heard it on Coupling, another hilarious show.


Graduate Daughter a/k/a BrainDebri likes Coupling too and owns a season on DVD, so we put it on last Christmas to laugh over. Fortunately, mom fell asleep before it got good. She had already labored through The Big Bang, and I’m afraid Coupling would have caused major brain problems for her. This is the woman we took to the theatre to see Platoon and who sat in the theatre counting, out loud, how many times the “F” word was said. I think there were twenty-eight in the first minute. She’s not ready for Coupling. 


Tortilla Soup is perhaps a “chic flick.” I hate that term because I know lots of guys who enjoy the movies that I enjoy; as well as Terminator. But, I like the fact that it is about family and all the dynamics of a family.


I think I enjoy this so much because I missed the dinner table conversations, growing up in a quiet family, with only my brother and myself in the house. I think too, that I enjoy the tension between the daughter who is living her life the way she thinks her father wants and the daughters who are doing their own thing. Something we were not encouraged to do in the 50s. My other favorite thing in it, besides Hector, food and dancing, is the cinematography.


I have lost most of what I ever knew about cooking but the scenes of food preparation are just plain erotic. I have watched just that opening sequence for the sheer joy of the colors, and the senses it stimulates. You can hear the bubbling pots and smell the steam. If you haven’t seen it, rush to the library or your rental store and give yourself a treat tonight.

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I have recently discovered Anthony Bourdain, and I may be in love. Well, I would be except that the man will eat anything that does not move. I, on the other hand, am “near vegetarian”.


This is a new form of eating. It gets me out of trying things like oysters, worms and anything that makes my stomach turn inside out when I see someone put it in their mouth. I do not watch reality shows involving people on islands, eating things that are still wigging as they hang out of the contestants mouth.


But, I love Bourdain’s sense of humor.  Master of the understatement, no one puts the earth in it’s place like Anthony Bourdain.

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