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Thursday in Chemistry of Photography was a day for making prints without a camera.


We used Nature Print paper. Nature Print Paper – BLICK art materials shows a sample of what the end product looks like.  This requires only the sun and found objects, including negatives, to create designs. Using the darkroom, we placed found objects on the paper and then exposed them to the sun. While some students were doing this, others used my enlarger to create photo-montage images by placing objects on print paper, exposing and developing.


This is a good lesson in design and what makes a good picture.


Friday was a good day to have fun using up any extra developer and fix and have. We did Chemistry Photographic Painting.


Designs can be painted right on photographic paper with developer solution, stop bath and food coloring.


 Chemistry painting image

It’s a good idea to set up several separate trays at different stations. I was using 5X7 print paper so I was able to use a lot of small trays. Painting with fix can contaminate the Developer, so I had developer trays that were labeled “developer only.” These were at the sink and students were instructed to do a quick wash of their print, or at least let it drip off, to get rid of excess fix before developing.


They used q-tips, string, shish kabob sticks and any number of items to paint with water, developer and fix on their print paper.


Painting with fix causes a white image against a dark background. If you immerse it in clear water before developing, it will cause grays to blend into the black background.


There was one last experiment though, after their photo painting was exposed, developed, stopped and fixed and with a quick wash.  We mixed one tablespoon of food coloring to sixteen ounces of water. Then dip the print briefly into clear water to take off excess hypo. Paint the color on or dip it but let it get a little darker than the intended shade.


This was a very popular day and a great way to end a fantastic week of Chemistry of Photography


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