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I have apparently solved the case of the “Pooping rabbit” and, yes, I did watch Monk last night.  I love Monk. He’s like a member of my family and Tony Shalub is an awesome actor.


Apparently, when you move a rabbits food and water dish to another corner, even though it is not the poop corner, the rabbit will display its displeasure by pooping (gosh I so want a “d” word there) okay, will display its displeasure by dumping it’s poop into its food dish.  Not real strong.  Will have to work on that.


In case you are wondering, I have decided I really need to get a life, as I scored 19 out of 20 in a Harry Potter quiz the other day and was actually rather irate at the 20th question because I could answer so much about Harry Potter but not the reason “Filch or Quirrel” was named the name they were named.  So, I need to get a life.


Digressing done: Now, I had not moved the dishes to her normal poop corner.  I’m not that dumb, but I put them in a different corner and visiting rabbit now happily eats and drinks in that corner and poops back where she was.  However, she does like to sit in the corner I had put the dishes in.  Guess it was the only way to express her displeasure. 


Sure glad people can talk or it would be a messy, messy world.


I could have titled this: What do pooping rabbits, Tony Shalub and Harry Potter have in common?


Absolutely nothing!

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