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Since I have begun a healthy heart diet, I have become obsessed with food and am eating, fortunately small amounts, about eight times a day.  It was pointed out to me, by a snarky grandson/son, that animals who are herbivores, graze.  So, like a cow, I am grazing.  This was as we were sitting at Steak N Shake and they were eating juicy hamburgers as I ‘grazed’ a salad.

Literally, I have not cooked in years.  Disabled husband feels like it is his contribution to the household and has fried up a storm of meat for twenty years now.  This has paid its price on my hips and heart ; a price that I am actively working to reverse.  But, boy is it taking my time.

There are all kinds of new groceries that our refrigerator has never seen and I’m taking up a third of the room with my meals and small containers of stuff.  I have kept the five pounds off (even though THAT is NOT the point of this, just a nice added benefit).  And, that is also despite the fact that day before yesterday I ate: potato chips and pizza.  These are my two Waterloos.  Next time they cook pizza, I’m going to go in my room and shut my door.  Because, once you have smelled melted cheese, all hope is lost.

I swear that I am eating a meal and within twenty minutes of finishing it, I am getting my Reverse Heart Disease cookbook out and starting the next meal.  This usually wraps up by 2pm, when I find I have enough leftovers to finish the evening. 

My blog searches are also centered around food blogs.  I just found Everybody Likes Sandwiches, via salad on the go: chopped waldorf wraps | Everybody Likes Sandwiches.   This had a great idea for using the no-oil corn tortillas I can eat and wrap them around lettuce and apples, etc. 

Gotta run now and eat.

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