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I have written often about my favorite things. Today, I am reminded of some of the “less than great” things in life. 

Such as: Being evacuated from our Wyoming home due to fires all around. You sit in a local diner, food you can’t eat in front of you and eyes glued to the tv. All you can do is sit and try not to think about what might await you back home. Sitting at the Red Cross is even worse. This is especially true when someone comes in and says, “The fire is at Jade Street now, and you live on Jade Street. 

Even worse was not being let back up to your road, because the fires are up there, and knowing your elderly mother was in the home alone when the fires struck. Then, you just sit in the pull over by the closest point you can, to your house, and wait. She was okay and we did not lose our home in any of the numerous times we were evacuated.

We are living in Indiana now, where there have been a lot of tornados this year. Right now, we are at the eldest daughter’s home, in South Bend, having a wonderful time celebrating her youngest boys high school graduation.  We partied with neighbors and friends and sat and giggled around the campfire last night. Then, one of the boys came out and told us about the floods in Brown County, where we live.

Friends have called him on his cell phone and tell us that a town eight miles from us is evacuated and towns all around us are flooded. My mother lives in senior housing in a nearby town that is being evacuated and I cannot get through to her.  

At times like this, it is natural for a person to sit and think, what would be the worse thing to lose. I cannot replace my uncle’s violin. I am learning to play and I love that violin.  My photos are all in Rubbermaids so they might be safe. But, others have lost their home and I don’t know what the status of ours is. For now, I just wish everyone was safe. I have a dear friend in Brown County who is near an area of heavy flooding and I just hope she is safe also.

We are scheduled to leave tomorrow. The internet sites tell us NOT to call the State Police for travel routes, so we look at what news articles we can find and try to plot a path to our home, if one is still open. We have a boy who has school tomorrow and another scheduled to work.  That is, if town isn’t flooded. Life goes on. At least in some sense it does.

I will let you know how it turns out, in the meantime, I wish you safety. Stay dry.

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