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Mom isn’t real social at her senior’s apartment. She cannot get anyone to play cards (pinochle) or games. They do have an Eurcre table but that is it. They also have a van to take the seniors out to shop. They have occasional events and dinners. But, they just do not socialize; other than to sit in the lobby.


In the beginning, they had visiting entertainment. A group of dancers would come and entertain. There was a Girl Scout troop, who would come and plant flowers or bring Easter baskets or Valentines. Then, someone, in their infinite wisdom decided this was a liability.


Never mind that the dancers had their own insurance should they break a leg. No one could come, and entertain, because they might get hurt. After all, planting flowers is a dangerous business. So, now the elderly sit in their chairs and watch the traffic go by. They even have to go out front on Halloween, no matter what the weather is, as ‘trick or treaters’ are not allowed on the premises.


There was actually an uprising about the trick or treater decision when the building management said, “No.” Those little old ladies and guys fought for the right to sit in front of the building and pass out treats.


Oh, they do have one other entertainment. If enough of them sign up, they may take the van out to the pharmacy, grocery shopping and to eat. The driver was —-


one of the residents. Yes, folks that’s right; a resident.


It is too much of a liability for insured dancers to come and entertain, or Brownies to plant flowers, but it is fine for an eighty-six year old man or woman, to drive a van load of seniors. Yup! Real wisdom there.


Currently, one of the resident’s sons has volunteered to drive. Thank goodness!

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