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I do not have a cat who shreds my toilet paper, as  TouchedByMadness  does. What I have is my mother’s 6.2 lb Chihuahua who is, at this very minute, attempting to dig a hole through the rug. She has been freaky all day. Earthquake freaky.

Okay, if you do not know what that means, you have not been reading my blog long. Exploding Birds and Earthquakes « Savanvleck’s Weblog  This dog predicts earthquakes and bird explosions. I type by a window and I sleep by a window and, when the dog senses danger she starts getting weird.

Today she has been wanting out all day but then, goes to the door and will not go out. She is hiding on the floor behind my feet, staying away from the window, and crawling up in my lap and onto my arms, to be cradled like a baby. You just try typing that way.

So, either Indiana will have a trembler, another bird will explode or, just possibly, the dog was listening to CNN this morning when they said Texas had an earthquake and she just does not know what state we live in and that is why, she is at this moment, trying to dig a hole through the rug.  I figure she wants to hide in the basement and does not want to take the stairs.

And, while she is a chicken loving dog, she will steal a hamburger occasionally too.

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