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There are two people in our family who are just so funny that you love to be around them and often the comment is heard, “if we could get Sharon and Carol together one day, we would die from laughter.” 

Sharon lives in Indiana and Carol in Wisconsin, so it has not happened yet, but Sharon has begun blogging.  She was shamed into it really by a couple of bloggers, okay, me  and her friend.  She tried her hand, Just who are you people? « Braindebris’s Weblog, and was (as we suspected) hysterical.  She is one of ‘those’ people, who if she wrote regularly enough would be publishing a book.  She is that funny, just check out the The Immortal Rabbit « Braindebris’s Weblog if you want to split a gut.

She took a long break from blogging, much to our disgust, and is back now on a weekly blog schedule.  You would think she has a life or something!  She also mentioned it takes a good hour to put a blog post together.  Who knew!   

So, this morning, I checked how her weekend was and she brought up the often mysterious workings of the blogosphere and the people who take the time to read your blog but rarely write comments. 

My readership is not huge, it has dropped since I have gotten less regular in posting. However, in the beginning, when my readership would hit 1,000 for the month, I never had commenters, other than one.  There were 999 people out there lurking.   XUP always comments, all the way from Canada.  Aren’t you ashamed fellow Americans?  I have to get comments from Canada.  Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Needles of Doom often commented, but I have been really remiss commenting on their blog lately.  Don’t you love that name though!

 I have also been blogging a bit less lately myself, as I work on my eternal update to my website.  I feel like one of those people on the commercial, staring wide eyes, pupils dilated from staring at the screen, mind numb … anyway, you get the not pretty picture.  I only have one section left to go on the website and am soooo look forward to it being done.

This morning, here is a copy my monthly stats.  Notice the slow decline.

So, I checked Search terms. 

“no blood for oil Viggo” – as in Viggo Mortensen, no surprise there. Half of my readership is searching for “Viggo” –  Talk about stalkers! 

“Worms …” – EUWWW! especially when in the house. 

“actor with low ears” –  Okay, is this person casting a movie?  I have written about actors, and I have written a post due to the lovely commercial based on the old song “do your ears hang low. ” But, I have NEVER written about an actor with low ears.  I am not even sure why you would want to find an actor with low ears.


In an effort to raise my stats, I realize that I have three sure winners:

  • Viggo Mortensen
  • photography
  • Movie reviews

Okay, Viggo Mortensen is hot and I do understand the fascination.  He keeps his private life mysterious and he’s hot and he likes dark chocolate and he’s hot.  What more could you want?  The only thing is, I do not actually know Mr. Mortensen (I love his name by the way— Viggo Mortensen—-it’s lyrical.  This is coming from someone named VanVleck.  Not so lyrical.

So, I shall now vow to make more of an effort to review movies about Viggo Mortensen and you, my kind readers (numbers 13 to 30 and occasionally 1,000) shall occasionally drop me a line to let me know what you like, or do not like, on my blog.

Oh, and I will try not to be a stalker myself.

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If you have seen ‘Julie & Julia,’ then you will know what I am talking about.  If you have not seen it, then think of Meg Ryan, in the restaurant, in ‘When Harry Met Sally – Official Site – Now on DVD.’  Same thing!!

And, it is the same thing as taking that first bite of a Harry and David® • Wholesale Products Harry & David “Moose Munch” Dark Chocolate Bar.  I purchased my first bar at Target and it is melt-in-your mouth fantabulous, and almost better than—- well, you know what. 

It is not as if I have been sitting on my duff and eating all day.  Truth be told, I have been sitting on my duff and typing most days.  Last week I did one day with my weights and one day on the treadmill, but two days does not a workout habit make.

I have successfully lost 24 pounds since January.  Ahh, this week may have lowered that to 20 pounds as I have actually eaten four meals out.  This is two meals over the total of meals eaten out in restaurants that I usually do in a whole month.  People keep wanting to feed me and it is rude to say, “no” to someone who is intent on treating you.  Right? 

Yeah, well tell that to my sat upon rump, especially when the Nashville Indiana, Historic Bed & Breakfast Inn, Restaurant, Brown County Indiana, Artists Colony Inn Artist’s Colony Inn’s chicken pot pie (Nashville, Indiana) is also like butter to Julia Child. It has been a week, since our friend took us to dinner there, and I can taste it yet.

Back to the Munch.  We are in Target, of all places.  Gaffer has a new job, while he waits to take his Master Electrician’s test class and he needed clothing for his new job, which is as a cashier at Family Restaurants: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store and Restaurant.  Geez, talk about specific.  Button down shirts are NOT that easy to find when you do not want to wear white ones. 

We are checking out and, it being time for lunch, my eyes were tracing over the candy they lure you into buying at the checkout counter.  I always look for very dark chocolate.  I love dark chocolate, and here sits a Harry & David’s Moose Munch bar.

Yep, you heard that right, a Moose Munch.  Gotta love that name, first off.  I have never had a Moose Munch before.  The sugar content is not outrageous compared to other treats and since I usually break things like that into halves or thirds, it would be 145 calories for a half. 

I do declare, they should have to put a warning on the label of a Moose Munch.  I bit into it and felt like, well, like I said above.  Yep, right there, this was heaven on earth, melt in your mouth, if I drop dead now, I will be complete, scrumptiousness.

Please, Santa, I want a whole Christmas stocking full of Moose Munch, this year.  I have been a good girl, well, most of the time.

P.S.  No one has paid me to mention anything on this blog, but I would not be averse to Harry & David sending me a box of Moose Munch.  Then, I would share with XUP for sure.

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One relative, who, or is it whom, this is why I have a personal editor, but she does not work on blogs.  Okay, so this aunt relative did not have the family obsessive compulsive gene.  She had the idea that if she needed to go somewhere, with her children, and the clothes were dirty, which they always were, that you stopped at the local version, at the time, of WalMart, and buy new clothes.  Okay, that sentence is another reason I have a personal editor.


Anyway, the dirty clothing was thrown down the stairs.  Said aunt was fun to visit; except do not go down the stairs because they would have to send in a sniffing dog to find you in the deep carpet of clothing.  She did not jump up every five seconds, like another relative did, to remove dust bunnies.  You did not remove your shoes in her house.  In fact, to do so might invite a need to run to the hospital for a tetanus shot.  What you did do, was check the sofa before you sat down, where you were quite likely to find a pork chop.  Seriously!


By her chair, she had her knitting, magazines, candy, etc.  I think this happens to people who are homesteading.  If you crowd enough stuff around your chair, no one else will take it when you get up to go to the bathroom.  The avalanche might kill them.


I have been sitting, feet up for a long time now.  I do get up and walk around.  I get dressed, do chores, garden, walk the treadmill, the whole nine yards but I spend my afternoon and evening, at the couch, feet up, with my laptop and my book.  The problem is, I always need something.  This is good for exercise but bad for my feng shui. 


I need a thesaurus, got it, lean it against the couch.  I need the dictionary, some dark chocolate, my camera, a flashlight, my blood pressure cuff, the mail comes, a boy gives me their senior buy your graduation gown packet, announces that he will come back the next day so we can do it together and I do not see him again for a week.  Well, he is here, I know that, but he counts on my memory being faulty, and me eventually doing it. 

Then there is the cookbook project, which entails me transferring all my handwritten notes from my cookbook to one for Master’s Daughter.  She actually has the original, held together with flour and water, but it is dangerous to try and use, so I bought a duplicate to start making her own memories.  Hmmm, perhaps my memory is at the bottom of this pile. 


Anyway, this pile sits by my couch and periodically I will put it all away; only to start getting the items out one by one, as the days pass.  This has become my major form of exercise.  I think it might be time to get things put away again.


What do you think? 



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I am tired today and I just need to think of good things.  I fight eating when I am tired but one of my favorite things is dark chocolate. 

This from a woman who, when released from the hospital following open heart surgery, stopped at Steak N Shake for a PepperJack Burger. In case my doctor is reading, #1, it was the best meal I ever had, and #2, I think I have stopped exactly twice in the year and a  half since.  It’s not an every day thing. I have drastically changed my eating habits and my last blood test now have fantastic readings.  I look forward to the food I eat now, , chicken, vegetables and salads and dark chocolate.

The best of which is Dark Chocolate Truffles from the South Bend Chocolate Company. http://www.southbendchocolate.com/

You know a truffle is good when one a day satifises you. I’ve tried other “famous” brands, and I am here to tell you that the South Bend Chocolate Company is the absolute best.  Too bad I don’t have any. I find that when I have a really good truffle, I am satisfied with one.  The other stuff leaves me wanting more.

Since my daughter lives in South Bend, it is one of the “girl” things that we like to do together. It’s much cheaper than a pedicure.  We stop at their Chocolate Cafe and Outlet Store for hot chocolate.  I love their Mexican hot chocolate and have tried to duplicate it at home, using dark hot chocolate and chili powder.  It will do, but it’s not the same.

And, as long as we-me have/has mentioned food, I can’t leave with mentioning Aurelio’s Pizza, http://www.aureliospizza.com mostly in Northern Indiana.  I have traveled all over this country and I challenge anyone to find me a pizza better than Aurelio’s.  This is definitely not low-fat food. But, when it is time for a treat, it is a must.  We lived in Wyoming for eight years and missed Aurelio’s.  When we moved back to Indiana, one of the things we looked forward to was Aurelio’s.  There isn’t any down here that we have found. 

Okay, I’m tired. Instead of eating though, I sit here and write about it.  Hmmm! New Diet?

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