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For many years, probably most of her life, mom has been on a search for the “perfect” stuff.  She loves stuff and is a salesman’s dream come true.  Show her an advertisement for a new sandwich at a restaurant, or new snack food, or new Foreman cooker, or any other new thing and mom is in line to get it.


And, whether she is looking for curtains, or sheets, or walkers or George Foreman grills, mom wants what she wants and it better be right.  Workers at Customer Service desks all over the city cringe when she walks in the store.  They know she has taken home their best, found it wanting and is back to return it.


Although, she does not always return it because sometimes she takes too long to decide, or it is just not worth the effort and she gives it to members of the family.  When my kids were young, I rarely left her house without an arm load of goodies and neither does anyone else.


Now, I do understand her wanting the “perfect” of something. I mean, why spend your hard earned money on less?  But, mom is very particular on what she wants, and sometimes you just have to accept that they do not make it in that “color/style/fabric/size or quality.”


I am afraid she is on a quest for the perfect whatever that does not exist.


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