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Two things have arrived in southern Indiana today.  One is snow and the other is germs.  The snow is barely a dusting but the germ is pretty strong.


Here I sit, swollen throat, fever, ear aches, sneezing, and blowing; piled under six layers of blankets.  And, over there, in that other room, the kitchen, sit the ingredients to make four dozen plus cookies for the choir fund raiser that is due Thursday.


I applaud the choir for not selling overpriced tiny pies, or junk stuff, so I thought this was a great idea.  I just hope this bug is gone tomorrow morning, so I can bring in my contribution. 


I chose to make cream wafer cookies because they are bright and cheery and make a large amount of cookies, and brown sugar oatmeal cookies because they are only slightly healthier. 


Then, there is the half decorated tree staring at me.  The male members of the house have basically taken care of the tree for the last two years.  This means that I no longer have a Rubbermaid for each: glass ornaments, toy ornaments, lights, home decorations and Santas.  I like Santas.  But, this year as I open every Rubbermaid, I am finding everything in every one, so today I was supposed to just sort it all out and get finished decorating.  Not going to happen!


Bugs have their own plans and this one attacked last night.  Okay, I admit to overkill but I do not have a reliable thermometer and, as I could not get warm and was shivering in two sweaters, I took my temperature last night—three times.  I found three different thermometers but I don’t think they worked.  Any of them! 


So, it’s back under the covers for me and perhaps a nap.  Hope you are well.


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