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All in all, given that I had no idea I had even had it, when I woke up, it wasn’t bad and the report was all good.

I had a humorous anesthesiologist, which is probably the first time I’ve had that. He was cute too. But, when he told me the shot he was putting in my iv would put me out in about thirty seconds, he wasn’t kidding. When I woke up, I didn’t even know I had gone in and had it done. I thought I had just dozed off.

So, all of you out there, who should have a colonoscopy, but who are afraid of indignity or pain or just plain putting it off. Don’t. I will say, the day before is like having the flu but it beats letting a possible cancer grow in your colon.

So, there is my health message for the day.

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I now have health insurance.  I am covered under a policy from the State of Indiana.  If Indiana can do it, this country could do it.

And, this is a great policy.  They focus on getting and keeping you healthy. There are benefits for getting check-ups and stuff that we all tend to put off, like the dreaded colonoscopy.  Today, I got a flu shot, a tetnus shot and a vacine against shingles.  I also found out that my cough may just be from my blood pressure medicine and my high blood pressure could be helped by an adjustment in same meds. 

I also have three tests being scheduled for conditions that have been ignored way too long.  Added bonus; a $50 coupon for Barnes & Noble for doing my part in staying healthy.  This is what insurance should be about. 

For those of you without insurance, you have to know how wonderful this is to feel like someone cares.  If your state is not helping you, send them to http://www.in.gov/fssa/hip/6621.htm and have them find out how Indiana did it.

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