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School can suck, and there is no two ways about it.  The only people who seem to truly relish school are the ones who were the high school cheerleaders, the prom queen or the jock.  Those people never want to leave school.  How many adult mothers do you still see with a “mall hairdo?”   Not to speak of my era students, who still dress in tie-dye and long hair.


Actually, school was going along quite well for me until I was put in experimental “advanced” classes, in sixth grade.  My previous A average dropped to C’s.  My previous best friend became a bit of a tormentor.  She found new friends and bragged that her grades were higher than mine.  As for me, I just did not feel I fit in with the kids in that class.  I also worked every night till midnight on homework to maintain my new “C” average.


After that, I was not so successful on the socializing side. I was a “band” kid and, when a new, and bad band director took over, I lost my love and any possibility of entry into a conservatory.  My grades plummeted and I withdrew into myself.


I have never attended a High School reunion or even given it a second thought.  I did reconnect with an old friend a couple of years ago and we eMail regularly, or did before Sarah Palin became the “other” woman.  So, it was a surprise, even to me, when I joined Classmates.com. 


This move has confirmed to me that, despite my long held belief that no one would remember me, that it is I who do not remember anyone else.  So, take heart students, This too shall pass.

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