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One of my near daily blogs to check is, Mr. Barlow’s Blog via Mr. Barlow’s Blog.  He’s a science or math teacher who blogs stuff he learns every day.  It is so cool.

A while ago, he blogged about chimps and the fact that they now know that chimps play with sticks, not just use them to suck up ants.  I could have used a chimp with a stick this summer to suck up the tiny ants invading my kitchen.  Oh well!

Chimps, and especially female chimps, use sticks like dolls.  They even build nests for them.

Hmmmm!  At a time when it seems that we have less instincts in raising children, the chimps are gaining more.  I only say this after being at the store where children behave much worse than any chimp I have seen.  Well, not quite.  A child has vomited on me but never thrown their feces at me.

So, given this new information, who descended from whom???


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