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Letter to my daughter:

I want you to know that your childhood has now become my childhood.  It is not my fault. I did not steal your childhood, even though it was far more exciting than mine was. 

When grandma tells you the story of her taking me to the beach, as a baby, and not realizing that the sun reflected off the sand, and she felt so horrible because my little feet got burnt; well, just remember that it was your little feet that got burnt, your mother who was stupid enough to not realize the sun reflected off the sand and, even though I had you under the umbrella, your feet got burnt. 

But, don’t feel bad because I got like a third degree, vomiting in the pharmacy burn which she has forgotten all about.  So even though she thinks your incident was poor little me, it was actually you.  She came over to my house to take care of you and me because I should have been in the hospital; but she has totally forgotten that I was burnt to a crisp, or that it was NOT her fault.

Then, there is the little matter of the weeping willow that I was so upset about when lightning struck it.  Only lightening never did strike the tree I played under as a child.  Grandma had moved, by the time you had your own weeping willow to play under, and it was that weeping willow that was struck by lightning.  

In the beginning, I corrected her, but what does it really matter?

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