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It has taken me days to decide what to write about the FLDS and the return of the children. 

First are the problems facing them with this whole issue. The secrecy the FLDS lives by did nothing to help the situation. I would like to think, in an ideal world, that they could have gone in there, checked documents and left with, as the state appeals court agreed, five young girls who they believe were abused.  

I’m sure that Waco was on their mind. Perhaps removing all the children seemed like a safer solution. It is never comfortable to feel that an irate person is in the next room with the shotgun. Been there, done that. Don’t ever want to again, but I would if it meant I could take a child out of an abusive home.

Then again you have Warren Jeffs; found guilty as an accomplice to rape. Of course, the photos of Warren Jeffs romantically kissing his alleged twelve-year-old bride, spoke volumes to me.

If Child Services had not responded to the, now it seems bogus, phone calls, and something happened to the girl, the whole country would be down on their necks. That has happened too many times when children are murdered.

The grandchildren I took from their home, were locked in a closet for a month, beaten a hundred lashes with a horse cinch, forced to eat till they threw up or refused food for up to three days, and thrown out in the middle of the night in winter when they were under thirteen. All of this was in the name of religion. God, says they were born “foolish” so I get to get my jollies off beating them.

For me, the really hard thing is that I was at their home constantly and never suspected the extent of the abuse. I should have seen it. But, children do not talk about the only life they know. They think that every child is treated the same way. I never asked the right question either. I said, “Is everything alright?” I should have said, “When was the last time you ate? Do they ever hit you? With what? Are you locked in a closet?”

Believe me, if you even suspect any kind of abuse, you need to ask the right questions, because the children will not volunteer the answers. It’s their life.

The one boy wants to sue. He wants revenge and I have a hard time telling him not to feel this way. I do tell them that their step-father is not worth their getting in trouble. They all worry about the treatment that their step-sisters and brothers are receiving. I didn’t sleep more than two hours a night for the first three months after I brought them here.

But, there doesn’t seem to be an advocate for them. No one cares, because we took the boys to another state. This was our mistake, we should have just called DFS out.  We had no idea the extent of the abuse until they were here for a while and I started listening to them talk among themselves..   

Somehow, there needs to be an answer. I wish I knew what it was. I wish I could help them more.






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