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A couple of days ago, I had to tow a broken car, with a broken car. I, being the driver of the broken Chevy S10, towed the broken Chevy Astro Van. I like to be in control and the Chevy had no power; hence it was like wrestling a drunken bear to keep it on the road. I doubt I could have wrangled its powerless steering over Brown Counties hilly, curved roads. 


I reasoned that the Chrysler Voyager, which is our “good” car was not going to do the pulling as it was the only thing I own that is not rusted or dented, and no one would promise it would still be that way after towing the Astro Van. Half way home, I was not certain I had made a wise decision. I had visions of having two stranded cars stuck away from home.


Something is wrong with the S10’s computer. It sputters and dies and has the cough of death until the “check computer” light comes on and then it runs, well not okay, but better. I even paid money to an online expert to try to figure this out.


It has a rusted tail gate that is held on by a strap and it has no muffler. During the tow, I reached a point where I could not tell whether I was actually hearing the muffler still or if my ears were going to hear that noise permanently.


I inherited the Astro Van from my father, and it also does not have a muffler, but that is not a problem as it was the broken car, with a starter and a fuel problem. This car has 180,000 miles on it, so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. But, the door locks don’t work (a common Astro problem) the drivers window won’t go up and down (down sometimes, up no)and it does not have air conditioning. Which is deadly when the windows don’t work. We needed to get it home, so that it could be worked on. It’s our second best car. Sad!!!


The tow took forever, with people turning their heads to see what major piece of highway equipment was tooling down their road, as the S10 struggled to pull the beast up the hills. I turned wide into our driveway, hoping the Astro would not turn into the gully, then down the last 400 feet of our drive. I aimed where I was told it was to sit, in the grass, where I received confirmation that I had made the right decision.


Bam! The unpowered Chevy Astro van plowed into the towing S10.


I’m sure he tried to stop, but he has a history. We bought a new refrigerator once and by the time it arrived at our house it had scratches and dents on three sides. The back was pristine though, he pointed out to me. This is also the man who put his tools on top of the washer, while installing it, so that the lid was all scratched before it ran its first load.


He is the proverbial bull in a china shop.


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