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Husband has a faulty electrical energy field.  Watches break within minutes of him wearing  them, answering machines stop working, clocks run backward.  There is no end to the mayhem that is my husband.

Once, he went to pick up a brand new refrigerator and by the time he got it home, the only side that was not scratched, dented   or banged was the BACK!  THE BACK!  For crying out loud, couldn’t he have let me have one side???

So, when he was finally given a cell phone (he was the last  to receive one in the family and we were all in trepidation over the gravity of giving him a cell phone), we all held our breath to see what would happen.

It didn’t take long for the phone to fight back.  It repeatedly talks to him when he pulls it out of his pocket to see what time it is.   (Since he cannot wear a watch.)

PHONE:   “Do a command.”

Husband fumbles with buttons.


Husband opens and closes lid.

PHONE:  “LIKE, Call home!”

Okay, his phone is obviously “like, a valley girl.”

Husband begins pushing buttons.

PHONE:  “Calling Home.”

Me:  “Hi.  Whatcha’ want?”

Husband:  “I wanted to know what time it was.”

Me: Pause.  “Ah, if you open the lid of your phone you will see what time it is.”

Husband:  “That’s what you think!”

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It may seem as though, with cell phones, CNN, FaceBook, MySpace and Twitter that we are more connected than we ever were.  But, we are really just more connected with a small group of people and less connected with our own world.

It always makes me feel sad to be in a restaurant and see a parent spending quality time with their child by spending the whole meal, talking on the cell phone while their child sits there alone, eating their own lunch with no one to talk to. 

People, if you are going to take your child to lunch, I do not care if they are five or twenty-five, turn the phone off and get to know them.  You can return the call when the meal is over, but you only have a short time to connect with your child.  You cannot go home and yell at them for something you feel they should not have done, if you cannot take time to get to know who they are.

I shall step down off my soapbox now and get back to updating my website. 

Thank you!

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Daily Overview: August 22, 2008


January 20-February 18


You are starting to notice little peculiarities in something at work or at home that should be perfectly normal It’s a good time to investigate further, though you may need to keep things quiet.


Gaffer and girlfriend were packing and cleaning all night. They tried very hard to be quiet and I did get some sleep early on but they were scheduled to leave at 5am and , as morning drew closer sleeping was tough. Hugs all around, get back to sleep, alarm goes off to wake the three high school boys up. Usually, the EMT boy gets up early and I can just lay there and hear him moving around and go back to sleep; knowing he will wake the other two up.


This morning, silence, not a creature was stirring. So, I reach for the cell phone to call and wake him up. Isn’t that what a cell phone is for? Drats! Husband and I share cell phone and the cell phone is on its way to the airport. Get up, go downstairs, knock on all doors, go back up, fall asleep.


EMT boy comes up and says something in his “teenage” speed talk (I thought only girls spoke that fast). I wake up, he comes closer, repeats his mouth of marbles, and I knock over my water. He comes closer and repeats it for the third time. I understand it this time. I do not remember a word, but I know I understood it. Don’t THINK it is urgent.


Husband comes back from drive to the airport. In some odd world, he thinks I am awake and speaks to me. Wakes me up. He goes down to “take a nap.” I fall back asleep for last time, with the thought in my head that I am now the babysitter of little rabbit and he needs to get out of his travel cage and into the big cage.


I get up a bit later, shower, dress and tackle the rabbit situation. Big cage needs cleaning, BAD! I take it out to hose it down. Water pressure is miniscule. Finally get cage cleaned, papers and bedding down. Water, food and lettuce in bowls in big cage and rabbit in. But, during that process I find one of our many water leaks is under the kitchen sink.  Everything under the sink is wet and mildewed.


And, this is why, a few days later, when I went out to water and feed the garden and found the water pressure non-existent, and then hooked up to the faucet on the other end of the house,, at great personal exhaustion as hose was nearly buried, turned it on then, thought I should check it as a few years ago it had flooded my mother’s computer. And, it was supposedly fixed, AND I checked and a waterfall was soaking EMT Boy’s room, that I had a major temper tantrum about my husband never, ever, ever touching anything to do with water again.

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Doesn’t it drive you nuts?


When you have five people in the house with cell phones and you are sitting in the house, with just the goofy Chihuahua, and everyone else is either at work, or wherever they have gone to avoid mowing the lawn. And, the house is quiet. Then—


You hear a “chime”.


Ignore it. It’s someone’s phone as among those five people are two who rarely even know where their phone is. Then—-


It chimes again. And, again; I get up and go to the kitchen, it chimes, but not there. Upstairs bedroom: chimes but nope, not there. Return to the front room and there it is again, the dratted chime.


I know a lot of the rings. One sounds like an old telephone, another plays Law & Order. But, no one’s cell chimes like this. I finally sit back down and it chimes again; close. I lower the laptop lid and, there, sitting behind my computer is:


MY cell phone, sticking out its tongue at me, and chiming. Why is it chiming? It’s never chimed before. In the three years I have had it, I have never heard that chime.


By the way, I am the only one to still have my original cell phone. One boy has lost two. This is oldest boy who ran across the street in Santa Fe and turned to see a compact car run over his IPod, “Oh good, he thought the protective case I bought for it worked.” Oopps! Don’t run out there to grab it, there is a pick-up truck coming. Oh, well, the protective case is cracked but I will replace that. Oppss!  Don’t run out there! Semi truck, coming and going, leaving behind bits and bobs of iPod and protective case.


Two other cell phones met their demise in pockets at a music festival when a monsoon struck. Middle boy upgrades his and gives younger boy his old one. Younger boy just has bad luck with them functioning.


But, apparently, I have a voice mail. The screen of my cell phone tells me so. I have never had a voice mail. The screen does not tell me how to retrieve the voice mail. I have no idea how to as I push the right button under the slash and every other button I think might work. The message is now gone and no one is home to show me how to retrieve it, and even after they come home and show me, I forgot and some idiot decided to leave me a voice mail YET AGAIN! My cell phone is indestructible as I pound it on the desk to make it quit chiming.


PLEASE, whoever you are, STOP LEAVING ME VOICE MAIL!!!!!

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