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Gosh, things are going along swimmingly without insurance, and then you get insurance, go to the doctor and have one great thing after another. 

First, was a pain in my foot at night; not when I walked on it either, just at night.  I go to the doctor, he sends me to a specialist. 

Now, there is a whole other topic.  I love my General Practioner.  He is a great guy and I would not want to eliminate his job, but just why do I need to go to a GP, for a pain in my foot, to be told to go to a podiatrist?  I mean, my foot hurt so couldn’t I just call the podiatrist and say, “my foot hurts.”

Well, as it turns out, the answer to that is no.  Because when I do get to him, he tells me that the pain is most likely actually coming from my back.  Probably an issue I have had since I was two and thrown under the dash.  I do like to blame everything on that one accident but it is a good possibility. 

So, until I can get to a back doctor, I was also informed that I have to buy Butt Ugly running shoes.  Now, he did not specify that they be butt ugly, it just turns out that they are.  I have to admit, they do feel good.


And, while we are on health, I did not appreciate being stung by a wasp, on the tip of my finger this morning.   Makes it tough to type.


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