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What is wrong with American businesses?

Nashville, Indiana is a three light town. In fact, those three lights are the only traffic lights in the whole county.

We HAD three fast food restaurants and a dozen or more sit-down restaurants. One of the fast food restaurants closed a few years ago. Every time you would go in to order the ‘special,’ the teenage employees had no idea where it was kept. They were friendly and seemed to clean, but they had not been told, by management, where he unpacked the latest seafood special. One day, there was a notice in the paper that that “Ayee, Matee” restaurant was closing. The quote from the owner stated that he could not find good help.

EXCUSE ME!  The help was fine. The person who was supposed to train and communicate with them sucked.

Gaffer has worked for enough restaurants that we know the difference between great management, “AYE! Rea of Subways” and less than great management. Like those who stand around and watch the chaos then go into the backroom and hide.

Restaurants are not the only ill run businesses. Have you ever called Sam’s Club? I just did. I dialed, music answered. For ten minutes there was not one word but music. I hung up, hoping I had gotten a wrong number. Nope, that was them. When someone finally answered and I asked if she realized people were listening to music for ten minutes not knowing if they had gotten through to Sams Club or not, the answer was, “We are busy.”

The reason I phoned Sam’s was that I actually wanted to phone a cheese company. When I purchase a two pound block of cheese, I rather expect to get a two pound block of cheese, not one with a test hole bored through it.


Sam’s has offered to replace the block of cheese. At least they’ve got customer service right, now if they could just fix their phone system.

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