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Growing up with an obssessive compulsive mother, it is not at all strange that I should have a tick or two.  It is always nice to learn that you are not the only person in the world with a particular tick.  So, when I read Me and Your Mouth « XUP  this morning, I about fell on the floor laughing. 



Now, I do not gag when others talk with their mouth open, when eating, but I do not look long either.  I do gag, wretch and about lose it all however, when people put live wiggly things in their mouths on television.  I imagine, in person it would be even worse but I tend not to hang out too long with people who  eat live, wiggly things.  This explains, only one reason,  why I do not watch things like Survivor.




I had a friend who could not eat in front of others.  She would take her plate over in a corner and turn her back on you to eat.  At the very least, if cornered, she would sort of turn around and chew.  She was a dear, sweet girl and I always wondered just how bad her home life was.




But, Gum chewing, Gosh I am with you XUP.  Mom chewed gum constantly.  She has a bad breath phobia.  She constantly thinks her breath is bad, even when it isn’t and used to chomp gum to cover up the non-existant bad breath.  She also popped her gum.  Talk about grating your nerves!




I cannot chew gum, to this day, because she made me chew it too.  Perhaps my breath was bad?  Whatever the case, I gag over gum in my mouth.  I’m okay until the flavor is gone, which takes about 2/10ths of a second, then it’s like “GET IT OUT OF MY MOUTH!”




I also gag over wet hair.  Yes, that is right, wet hair.  Now, this is not hair on a head after showering.  Hair, clumped in great numbers, is safe. This is one hair, detached from the head, wet on a sink or counter.  I do a gag or two and then start drive heaves.  I’m almost gagging just envisioning a wet hair.  This started when I was pregnant and has not gone away. 




I can usually brush my teeth without gagging, but cannot hold that toothpaste in my mouth for long either.  I don’t mind others brushing their teeth though. 




I also do not like the sound of chewing.  There is a very distinct sound to each persons chew.  Someone, who shall remain nameless, in my house sounds like a chipmunk when he chews.  Since he takes very large bites (Warning, digression here!  He was once told by a dentist that he has a very small mouth.  Hence, he feels he needs to cram food in because his mouth is small.  Perhaps this is also why he feels the need to use so many words.  You know, they have to come all out because they could get jammed up in his mouth!) I don’t know why he sounds like he is nibbling, but I’m sure that justifiable is the term the police will use someday. 



I cannot hold a pen in my mouth, or hair pins, or dog biscuits (don’t even ask).  Even on the very tip of my mouth, yuck! Gag!





But, as far as that last thing, XUP, I guess it just goes to show that if you are having enough fun, you won’t gag.

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