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AM: Power Cord hunt:


Best Buy had a universal power cord for mom, (Gosh, wouldn’t that be great.), for her laptop actually. It cost $100.00. She said to “forget it.”

I checked WalMart and they had the exact same one for under $70.


Universal power cords never fit just quite right but it is a stop gap to get you through until your new power cord arrives, so she bought it. Plus it is cheaper than all those “AA” batteries, she thought she would have to use (see yesterday’s post.)


Breakfast was up next. Before we left the motel, I asked the girl if she knew where a little mom and pop diner was. She told me that there were a lot in the area where WalMart and Best Buy was, “There’s Perkins, and ….” Obviously, she had no idea what a “Mom and Pop diner” is.


We did find one, all on our own, and on route 10. Its name is Park Ridge Café and you walk in the door and are greeted as if you are a local and it’s your third year of going in. The food is cooked just right and they offer fruit instead of fried potatoes with your breakfast. Or, you can go with the fried potatoes, if you are so inclined.


The wedding is for another day’s Blog.


Returning to the motel, from the wedding reception last night, I did a good job of getting lost. I don’t get lost when I am alone, because I can always retrace my path and find the correct turn, or get directions. I have seen some wonderful things by taking the wrong road, so I rarely get upset about it, but having mom with, makes it less of an adventure and more of a “Where is the blinking motel?”


The motel is on Highway 51. There is some road construction that causes confusions and highway 10 is involved. But, it seems that you cross highway 51 repeatedly in this city.


I have mentioned that asking for directions in Hawaii is always answered by “It is two blocks that way.” Mind you, it may be on another island, but it is always “two blocks away.” Well, in Wisconsin, everything is just three left turns away (gee, doesn’t that just bring you right back to where you are?)


So, when I got misplaced last night, and mom is getting more and more worried sitting next to me, I stopped to ask for directions and was told to go to the stop sign-turn left, go to the four way-turn left and go to the stop light and turn left.


After several false starts, my idea of a left turn, being a near 45 degree turn; her idea of a left turn being a total u-turn. We did find 51 and our hotel. Mom relaxed and all was well with the world.

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