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Rules that we tell our boys, to get along better in the world:
1. If a cop stops you, be cooperative and polite. They really do not like to be called names, insulted, spit-on, etc. That is a sure way to a ticket or jail.

2. When the Judge asks you a question, respond honestly and completely, and have a lawyer. Answers should be emphatic, “No.” “Yes” or whatever fact is asked for, providing your lawyer says to answer. Answers should not be “Ah, Gee, I don’t know.” This type of answer does not help your case, which I presume you want to win, and it makes you look, guilty as hell. Better to go with pleading the fifth.

So, if a judge asks you something like, “Who have you seen living in the house with you?” A good answer would go like this: “My husband, my two children, my mother.” But Louisa Bradshaw Jesop, doesn’t even seem to know who she lives with. When asked who she saw at the home she shares with her in-laws, she said. “I saw me.”

Perhaps this answer is more realistic than I know. It seems these women are so brainwashed that perhaps they have chosen to live with their heads buried in the sand rather than face the truth of their life. Perhaps it is how they survive.

Disclaimer: The following facts are from news reports. I take no responsibility for the reported ages.

All that Louisa Bradshaw Jessop, could say about who she lived with, how long she had lived at the ranch, and whether any “inappropriate relationships” were going on, was: “I don’t know” or, “I can’t remember right now.”

When they showed her photos of Warren Jeffs kissing young girls, (and the girls are thought to be 12 and 13). She did state that she thought the behavior was inappropriate. Award for understatement of the year. But, you gotta give her credit for saying more than, “I don’t know.”

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This is my second start at this. I am going to try to winnow it down.  I have two new blogs here, so I hope you will read each. I tried to cut these down to the bare facts.


1. I do not know, nor have I ever known, anyone in the FLDS.

2. IMHO: Anyone who does not buckle up is an idiot. Anyone who does not buckle up his or her child is playing with that child’s life. We have automobile roll over’s a lot in the winding hills of Brown County. When people are buckled, they live, when they are not, they are thrown from the window and die. So, yeah, I believe not buckling your child is abuse. I was two when I was thrown under the dash in an accident.  I sure wish I had been buckled in.  I live with the pain yet. It did not make me stronger, it made me have the weakest neck on earth, but at least I did not die, like so many do. 

3. I believe the FLDS women are brainwashed. I believe the children are innocent. But, you know what?  If the state gives back an abused child, everyone jumps on Child Services the minute they find out the abused child has been killed with abuse in the home they returned them to.  You can’t have it both ways, folks.  There are bad people. Our choice is, do we let them just do anything they want or do we give the government the power to monitor it? I vote for stopping the abuse.

4. Everyone is appalled at Austrian, Josef Fritzl, who locked his daughter in a cellar and fathered her seven children.  That was his religion. But, the whole world is up in arms about it.  From the accounts of people who have lived in the FLDS compound, they are similarly kept from leaving and older men are fathering their children. They just have a bigger, open air cellar.

5. I am NOT saying these children are physically abused. I do not know.

6. Freedom of Choice, is not just about freedom of what religion you are.  Amish are wonderful. They live outside this worlds influence to a great degree but when their children reach adulthood, they are sent out to experience the world so they can make the decision whether to return to their society. They are given Freedom of Choice.

7. Anyone know of an FLDS compound who is allowed that kind of choice? They even kick out a number of boys, at a young age, because they become a threat to the men who want the young girls.

8. What if this were you? What if you grew up this way? We’ll try to imagine that together in my next posting. Give me a few.

9.      Bitter Hinterlands: You made a lot of good points.  I’m sorry to tell you, but there are evil people out there and unless someone watches out for the children, and the aged, and the abused wives and husbands, it will just go on and on and on.  The Courts are there to correct any abuse of the system. 

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First, let me state that I do not care what religion anyone has/is, anymore than I care who or how many partners anyone wants.  That is strictly, in my opinion, a persons own private choice.  I do not believe the government has the right to legalize or outlaw either.  I have never understood what right the government has to license marriage or agree to divorce; other than to settle property and keep people from strangling each other.

I was also called on the “red” thing, for the FLDS.  I have never had direct contact with anyone in the FLDS.  My daughter and son-in-laws religion is strictly their own.   I base my thoughts  on what I have read and heard through interviews.  When the children were first removed from the FLDS compound, I saw an interview with a woman who was helping care for the children.  She stated that they had to learn to deal with the FLDS children in a whole new way.  They were not aware of things that children in our world were used to, like crayons and they could not allow the outside children to wear the color red or give the FLDS children a red toy because they feared red; they had been taught that red was the color of the devil.  This is not my belief and perhaps she was wrong.  She was there and dealing with them, so I thought she should know. 

I also do not feel that anyone HAS to be brainwashed to have the same religious believes that the FLDS does.  I did not mean to imply that.  I am a big proponent of freedom of religion and I think that everyone has the right to believe as they wish.  I have friends who are WICCA, Catholic, Buddhist, Protestant and atheists; and probably other religions, because I don’t ask, so I don’t know.  I do not care what religion someone is.  That is their personal business.  Obviously, there are a lot of men who believe in the FLDS religion.  I do not believe they are brainwashed and I do believe that there are women in the compound who would not want their lives to be any other way, and who love having sister-wives.

However, that said, if there is one seventeen year old girl in that compound who does not want to be married to a fifty year old man, I believe she should not have to run away to the local gas station to make a clandestine phone call to a relative to come and help her leave, or wait months until her husband is gone, so she can sneak her children out.  On the other hand, if there is a boy who does not want to leave, he should not be kicked out in the desert either.  I have heard too may stories of this and seen too many interviews and I do not know of anything that proves these women or boys (who used to be in the compound) were lying.

Let us not forget Warren Jeffs is currently serving ten years to life for charges including rape as an accomplise, for facilitating marriages of young girls to older men.  I recommend you check out this web site.  Warren Jeffs – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.  It has a list of Factual Account sources, books, documentaries, etc that might be very enlightening.

We will all see how the appeal goes, but the fact that the FLDS Church owns essentially all of the homes may have lead the police to treat their individual homes as one.  It is a shame that the authorities could not go into the compound in a manner so that they could have ensured they only took in those who were committing abuse, and protected the children who needed it.  The FLDS itself is responsible for some of that by changing names, switching families to different husbands, etc. 

I gotta say, folks, it’s just wrong to marry a 14 year old girl to anyone, as Jeffs did in 2002. That is a fact and can anyone tell me that it is not going on to this day, even with him in jail.  From what I am reading, it sounds as though his father wasn’t as bad.

I try very hard on my blog to be factual, but having taken in three abused grandsons, who were abused in the name of religion, it is hard for me to not be personally involved in this issue.  There are many forms of abuse, I believe the FLDS is guilty of quite a few and do not believe that the excuse of religion is a valid excuse to do so.   We all have our own opinion though, don’t we?

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In recent weeks, I have repeatedly read the officials of the FLDS deny that any children were abused at their compund.

I think these officials should change their wording on this to the lame argument my son-in-law used when we took the two boys from their home. We were told that what the problem was, is a “Difference of opinion on child rearing.” I have to say, he could hardly say it with a straight face, but he did say it and he meant it.  

I can’t argue with the fact that we had a difference in opinion.  We did not believe that children should be locked in closets, beaten with boards and horse cinches, or stripped naked and beaten as the step-father watched in the mirror. His opinion was that these things were all right. Along with the right to an education consisting mainly of memorizing Bible verses, and enough math and reading for the girls to read recipes.

So, the FLDS, just needs to let us know what their “difference of opinion in child rearing is” and maybe we will believe they have the “religious right” to do the things they do.

I have read that there are at least fifteen kinds of abuse. Physical, emotional, verbal, child abuse, sexual abuse, economic abuse, using male privilege (in all fairness we need to add using female privilege), intimidation, isolation, elder abuse, ritualistic abuse and religious abuse. That’s only thirteen, but within each are several subcategories.

Below is a list of abuse we can be pretty sure is alright by them, that is considered to legally be abuse. I use the feminine ‘her’ as that is who is on the receiving end of it in the FLDS case.

 Denying a person from having a say in how money is spent, treating her like a servant, telling her what to do, making her fearful, controlling what she does, who she sees, talks to and where she goes is all abuse. I’d make a good guess they’ve got all those in their handbook as being the “way to live.  No human being gives a rote monotone answer, as these women have, unless they are on 1. drugs 2. fearful of retribution or 3. so brainwashed that they have no emotion left.

Then there is the jackpot FLDS abuse: “brainwashing against society/authority.” Anyone want to debate the FDLS is into that abuse?

So, next time you read that the Church officials deny committing child abuse.  Think about all the stuff they have done to their wives and know that, in their opinion, nothing is abuse, it’s all about freedom of their religion. 


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