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Guilty Pleasures on Allison’s Blog. Guilty Pleasures « That’s What She Blogged


Here’s a quick list of mine :


1.     Yes, People magazine.  You don’t look so guilty reading it in the doctor’s office though, you know.

2.     My third watching of Tortilla Soup this month.

3.     South Bend Chocolate Company, Dark Chocolate

4.     Watching CBS Sunday Morning in my pajamas.

5.     Taking down my Harry Potter gift trunk to be a kid again.

6.     Having the house all to myself

7.     Singing to myself when I have the house all to myself

8.     Practicing the violin

9.     A mechanical pencil and a sketch book

10.          Reading a good book   


Okay, they are mostly not such “guilty pleasures.”  But, they sure are pleasures.

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I’m an artist, right? Everyone knows that an artist is right brained. There’s even a book for Learn to Draw: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain; (it’s a good book, by the way) of course, I think it’s meant for left brained people because right brained people have a bit better instinct to use the techniques in the book. But, what the heck.


So, when I saw AOL’s Are You a Right- or Left-Brain Thinker? – AOL Find a Job knowing that Answer Can Help you Succeed at work,  I thought, good way to waste a few minutes.


As the overly made-up woman on the insurance commercial says, “SURPRISE!”


1. Are you better at math and science than art and literature?

They are asking this of the person who, when forced to take a twenty-nine page math placement test in college, answered four questions, flipped through five pages (They only get harder people, don’t even look.) and took the test (after 10 minutes of the three hour test) up to the teacher and said, “No point wasting your time or mine here.” And left.


YUP! Right-brained.


     It kind of went downhill from there. I’m both brained in “Do you love playing sports outdoors or staying indoors reading?” It’s good to know I am fully brained, I suppose, but there wasn’t a slot for my preference, reading a book outside. I’m not really sure how they even came up with those being right brained anyway? Guess artists painting landscapes confused them.


     Drawing, Picture directions, relationship problems, writing fiction are all right brained.


     Reading, verbal communication (over physical communication – Be more specific on the type of physical communication please), being a loner (definitely), information details and quiet (I’m the queen of quiet) are all left brain.


     I think I’ll skip the next quiz: “What your desk says about you.”  Even if it’s right, I don’t want to know.


My current “Table-Mate” desk: 








My abandoned desk: Wonder why I abandoned it??

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