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XUP had a blog on ideas for blogging. A wee bit of cheating there, but something I have needed as my brain has just been too tired to think of something lately.

But, it was her blog link list that reminded me of an idea I had, and had not worked on, and that is: my blogger name.

Xup has a long list of bloggers, from Canada and from the US and some of the names are so cool.

A sibilant intake of breath – Okay, where is my dictionary
Diary of a Turtlehead – You want to click on this to see just what a turtlehead is.
Fabric of her reality – I could always use a day in someone else’s reality.
Knitting is my boyfriend – I certainly understand that.
Mean old mommy – and what mother has not heard that
Minty fresh – I expect to see pictures of green hills.  Unfortunately, it is a black background with grey print and too hard to read for my eyes.
Tales from a grouch – Gosh, my father incarnate
Trashy’s world reminds me of the time my neice was complaining because she was getting sexual email. I asked her what her screen name was and she said, “Big Jugs.” I rest my case
Deep Friar – somehow a painful thought

And at the bottom of her list is probably my favorite, “Uncouth Heathen.”

And, somewhere in the middle of this all is me: SaVanVleck. Now, could you get any more creative? I mean, I am an artist, so I should have thought up some cool name, myself. Here’s a few I thought of today:

Daughter of a grouch – too close to Tales from a grouch
You laugh too much – a statement grouch made to his wife and granddaughter once.  That is my father, grouch and not Tales from a grouch.

A painter of people

Unable to format my blogs (it is double spacing here for no reason at all)

Okay, see therein is my problem, I am horrible at naming things. 

P.S. I am not linking each of these blogs, so anyone who wishes to find a new and exciting blog to read, go to XUP, she has the links.

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