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I pick on husband quite a lot in this blog.  But, this morning there will be no picking as he has received yet more dire news.  As if twenty years of COPD was not enough!


We were hiking, out east, when I came down with flu.  It mostly consisted of a bad headache and exhaustion, but it was enough to send us back home again.  I drove most of the way, from the eastern coast to Indiana, as I recovered and he had become ill. 


Round after round of doctors followed for years after, as one clinic/doctor after another eliminated diseases. It was not until we found Jacob Bitran, M.D., who was, at that time, with the University of Chicago, that Roy began to receive help.  Modern medicine has kept him alive since.


He smoked for one month total in his whole life, but his father was a smoker and he came into contact with so many chemicals, over a sixteen year period at LTV Steel, that the doctor at Mayo threw the list across the desk and said that there was no telling what caused the COPD as any number of the many chemicals he came into contract with could have done this to his lungs.


He tried to work for years, after he was diagnosed.  On the days he worked by the chrome line, he would miss two to three days of work after.  Some days, he would drive all the way to East Chicago, from our home between Griffith and Merrillville; he would get out of the car and walk to the guard shack, where he could rest; then he would walk back to the car, rest and come home again.   It finally got to the point where he felt he just could not do this to his co-workers any longer, as they were working harder to make up for work he could not do.  The mill was wonderful to him and allowed him to keep his job for much longer than any small business owner could have done.


On the outside, if you did not work by him or live with him, he looked perfectly normal.  That is unless you were wearing perfume or some such.  To this day, people will sometimes hint to me that there is nothing wrong with him and he is just lazy. They usually only do that one time, as I let them know what life is like for this fifty-seven year old man who now looks like he is nearing nintey.  Restaurants always seat him with my mother instead of me, and when we get the bill, they have given him a senior discount.


One problem is that his body produces too many histamines and he is allergic to just about everything: humidity, perfumes, chemicals, cleaning supplies, new carpeting, some plants, lacquers, make-ups, laundry soaps, shampoos.  You name it and he will shut down.  He will take one breath of air and it will be trapped, like a balloon with no opening/outlet.  His airways close up and there is no way to get the air out. 


He has had to leave restaurants, in the middle of meals and run out of theatres because of perfume. 


So, when he went to the doctor and received four more medications, the other day, because one lung was more congested than normal, it was ‘business as usual’ for us.  Yes, I watch the decline.  Do I know where that decline ends?  No.  It is not something I think about.  When he was diagnosed, the disease gave a person twenty years tops.  Medications have expanded that.  You just live each day.



I may get very frustrated, but I make sure he takes his medication and I make the doctor’s appointments, even when he does not want to go.  I watch the roof leak, and the pipes leak and the water heater that is failing and I do not harp or nag as, that is not my way.  As a caregiver of my mother and disabled husband,  I vent to you guys.  And, I thank you all for listening. 


There have just been too many days like this lately, and it’s hard for me to find a way to make this kind of news humorous.  Master’s Daughter would have you in stitches at this point. 


Another blow struck yesterday as the ophthalmologist told Roy he has Macular Degeneration.  One eye already has an expanding blurred spot, but both eyes have dead tissue in the Macular and in the one eye, the blood vessels are all straight, unlike the wavy lines they should have. There is no good prognosis here, only a slowing of the eventual blindness he will have.  Apparently, the premature aging of his body, due to the COPD, is damaging the blood vessels.  In six months the test will be repeated and we will have more of an idea how fast it is progressing.


On the plus side, it is not his hearing.  He has always said he would rather lose his sight than his hearing.  He loves music more than anything. 

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Like the state of the Nation, the state of my bog could be rather depressing, when I check what my top posts are.  So, here they are in order. 

Top Posts

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And, the meaning of all this is that if it was not for Viggo Mortensen, Flooding, photography and Ben Stein and his idiot comments about the FLDS, I might not have any readers at all. 

All I can say is, thank you again Viggo Mortensen.

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I have found the coolest blog.  

(AND, i will share it with you once I get this %##%# font thing worked out.  Sorry, if you are trying to read it and I am constantly “fixing” it; and then there is the little matter of AOL cutting me off constantly. )

But, isn’t it neat when you feel like you have made a major “world shattering” discovery, right at your own computer? 

 I stumbled across Mr. Barlow’s Blog yesterday morning.  It wasn’t really too far of a fall, since WordPress featured it on their front page and I was able to click it before it flipped to some other “featured” blog.

 This guy’s got some Seriously interesting stuff on his site.

Like this: A “water bear” who can survive in space. He is the first known animal to be able to do so, although I think calling him an animal is a bit of a stretch. I also think Mattel should make a “Water Bear” toy for Christmas consumption.

He’s an adorable little guy really.

And, as if that isn’t enough, it is confirmed that people tend to marry people who resemble their mother. This brings up a whole set of: mother-in-law jokes, Freudian Psychology and eHarmony. 


Have you ever noticed on eHarmony’s “successful matches” advertisements that the couples look more like brother and sister than anything? I have always suspected that we tend to marry is probably doomed to failure.  
Trust me on this one.


Okay, it is noon , and I just reread this post and TALK ABOUT FREUDIAN SLIPS!!!  I’m not even sure, what I was trying to say with that sentence about marriage and “doomed to failure.”   I did notice once though that my husband, other than having blond hair instead of dark hair, was the spitting image of an ex-boyfriend.


And, I think that what I meant was that successfully married people often resemble each other.  I shall go now and bang my head on the wall.

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My blog is worth $4,516.32.
How much is your blog worth?

Thanks, Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Needles of Doom, for the link.  I can’t figure yours out either.  You’re worth WAYYYY more.  Actually, maybe you got that $figure because you are MasterCard priceless.

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This is one of those “off the cuff” blogs; because no one is home anyway, nor posting to their blogs.  I have never considered Labor day to be a prime holiday; but last night someone near me was shooting off major fireworks and no one is posting to their blog.  Gosh, you would think people have a life or something.


So, these are things I have noticed lately.


I love the writings and blogs of Crazy Aunt Purl and so does 88.5% of the blogsphere.  No matter what blog I check out, it seems they have a link to *Crazy Aunt Purl* on their sidebar.  I must say, it makes you feel at home.  Congrats! Crazy Aunt Purl.


I found out this week, that if you do a post on Viggo Mortensen, your readership will double overnight.  Mention his “girlfriend” and it will triple.  Thanks and Congratulations to Viggo!


That of the X# of blogs linked to on my sidebar (cannot be specific because I added blogs today), only two blogs (of those I had on this morning) have posted this weekend:


1.      Velvet Cerebellum The Velvet Cerebellum has posted this weekend and that was about a yarn orgy, so who could wait to post that? 


2.     My mother’s poetry site, which I made a commitment to post to every day for a year.  Of course, I post it, and I, obviously, have no life since I am also sitting here, posting to my blog. 


That a rabbit will poop in her food dish if: a wasp is in her cage, or she is lonely, or she just doesn’t like the food she is getting.  The rabbit isn’t telling, so I’m only guessing here. Perhaps she will not do it again though, as when I cleaned it all out and refilled it, she ate like a hungry pig.


That irritating Chihuahua cannot recognize a family member when they are walking past the house on the driveway.


And, that I just collated my blog links between this site and My Favorites because it will make things quicker, and I am killing time.


And, as JRockGuitarMan sits patiently and awaits his turn on the dial-up, I now will get offline and work on my book. 


Have a great weekend, everyone!

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I am fairly new to blogging and started, thank goodness with WordPress. Then, I decided my WordPress blog might be a bit too “open” for my young adult writing career (after all, how many times can I mention dippers of Jose Cuervo without getting in trouble.) So, I started a “writing only” Blog on eGoogle, I think it’s also called Blogger.  They could take a number of lessons from WordPress.

I loved to mess around behind the scenes. I cannot begin to tell you how much I have learned about computers from screwing them up, by messing around behind the scenes. The first thing I do, when I get a computer, is to delete everything I don’t like. Someday, I am going to order a computer without all the extra junk. The second thing I do, when I get a new computer, is reformat it to reinstall the stuff I should not have deleted to begin with. 

So, every once in a while, I start clicking on the links in WordPress. Today, I discovered a new one. I got to read comments. I read comments I didn’t know I had. What a cool link. I may have to answer comments to the comments and, if they(the other commenters) get confused, oh well. So be it!

I also love to watch the graph chart of visitors. I respond well to rewards and that little line going up is a neat reward. I don’t know if one person has even read any of my five posts on Blogger. I haven’t figured out a way to tell. You know, it is hard to be humorous about writing. Maybe, I just write them too early in the morning. Maybe I’m just too worried about offending anyone with the “writing” blog.

But, the part of WordPress I miss the most, is being able to copy out of it, paste that into my Word to check it and revise it and then paste it back in. On Blogger, if I start a post in it, I cannot highlight it and copy it to Word. I can, however, write it in Word and past it in blogger. So, I have to start in Word. Why I find that difficult is another mystery; but it’s my mystery.  Oh, and why, if I start a blog in Blogger and don’t get around to finishing it for a week, is it dated the day I started it instead of the day I actually post it?

Thank you WordPress for having such a great product.

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Okay, I’m used to seeing searches leading to my Blog site like, “ben stein flds.” He’s the man everyone loves to hate. I did a whole thing on FLDS, and I’m moving on.


But, who in the world searches for “having children obsessively clean”? Does the searcher HAVE obsessively clean children? That, in itself would be a little weird, but if they are searching for a way to keep children obsessively clean, then my prayers are with them; the children and the parent.


Visiting oldest boy’s girlfriend had the answer to the search “what thongs mean.” She suggested that it was someone who did not realize that older people call flip-flops “thongs.” Apparently she has not seen Master’s Daughter’s Blog with the elderly lady in a thong.  EUWWW!


Then there was the search labeled “final middle beginning.” First, I think a person might do a search on “beginning, middle, ending.” But, that might just be the Compulsive gene coming out. Then again, I wouldn’t think anyone would do a search on just these words and not the word for what it is that is beginning, etc.


The search for “Rabbit deaths 4th of July” has me a bit worried. Just what are they doing with those fire crackers.


And, “How much in Wisconsin does jose cuervo cost?” is this a move criteria. They aren’t moving till they know? Or Are they sending someone else to the store?


I had to take a peak at Mom’s search term items: “Puppies without a foot” – That is just plain creepy.


My all time favorite, so far, needs no comments and has to be the following:


 “old grandpa pressing boobs while sleepin”

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When I check my Blog spam, it’s always one of four things. 1. I get gambling sites. Who has the money to gamble on-line now? The biggest gamble I’m doing these days is whether to fill the gas tank tonight, or wait and gamble that it will only have gone up one cent by morning.

Then, 2. there are a lot of insurance spams.  Are spammers more adventurous or just more reckless so that they need twelve kinds of insurance?  It isn’t like I am not already in the poor house from having insurance. Since it was payday, it always brings to mind that I am currently paying on two life insurances, one house insurance, car insurance, cancer insurance and pharmacy insurance. I’m so well insured, I can’t afford to buy health insurance, which might see to it that someone, not me, collects on the life insurance.

3. Blog Sites who collect blog sites.  I look at these as the Reader’s Digest version of Blogs. Someone, who at least has the decency to credit the original author, has apparently learned to make money without writing a word themselves; otherwise, what fun do you get just collecting blogs?

Errant Master Daughter, http://BrainDebris.wordpress.com returned to posting, after taking a break to either go camping or because she was mad as spit over being pinged by a fake Viagra site, who stole her post “Will Knit for Sex”. I don’t think she minded them publishing it so much as she did the fact that they did not give credit to her as the writer. When I wrote them a comment, stating as much, it was promptly removed from their site.

So, the next day, when I checked my Spam folder and found two pings, I checked them out and found #4 in my categories of Spam. It is the “other” pings. Usually, someone has linked back to you and given you credit and that is fine by me. I did have one last week that caused me to pause.  I had no idea that prisoners were now entertaining themselves on the internet. Either that, or the jailers are, because I was pinged by The bradshaw state jail .

I had to view the site to see just what I had written that was pertinant to inmates.  They linked from my post -”Advice for the FLDS – “I can’t remember” is not a good answer in court. It started with: “Rules that we tell our boys, to get along better in the world: 1. If a cop stops you, be cooperative and polite. They really do not like to be called names, insulted or spit-on.   That is a sure way to a ticket or jail.”   Perhaps I can make money giving seminars in prison on proper police interaction behavior. I would think that might be something jail inmates need???

Whatever the case, they are an eclectic group.  Most notable of the links were:  RE: sexape lopez, and a link to something called boredshitless, which must get a lot of hits by inmates who should be making license plates. There is also an encyclopedia with a list of state prisons in texas, just in case someone might need to relocate for their next crime. The link of “List of Texas state prisons – TheBestLinks.com, just to make sure you go to the top prison next time and not one with just the internet. Probably doesn’t even have a weight room.

The one that really got me though were the RECENT POSTS:

ladie’s gold watches – is this so they will know the best next time and not get time for grabbing a Timex? 

creamed lips and,  In the same vein was male belly buttons. If these are recipes, I do not want to know! 

Then, we have redheaded guys – no comment from me on that one. To each their own. 

There was PIRATE cruise virginia beach, which would have a whole different meaning if it had been a PRIVATE cruise virginia beach.   I

nspirational wallpaper must be feng sui for cells  and just why do they need, fanny mae energy efficient loans

For hobbies, we have: write elvish, data recovery company, good songs for when your best friend stabs you in the back (This may be a how-to site), and, my personal favorite for inmates:

neoclassical definition of political economy.  Perhaps this is a white color crime facility?

To wrap up, I do think the link to “how much lunesta does it take to kill you” is just taking this jail internet thing too far.

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I have discovered the most fun thing. Now granted, it is after 10:00pm, in Indiana, and according to Master Daughter, I am not to be held responsible for any Blog I post after 10:00pm.  Even without any dippers of Jose Cuervo, I can find humor. And, the Tag Cloud thingy I clicked to show on my Blog today is hysterical. 


Just take random words and put them together. It’s like poetry.  So, I’m reading the tags and just having all kinds of ideas for new Blogs. It’s a font of inspiration.

So, here is a sample of my Tag Clouds:


Chicago Chihuahua: Now, are Chihuahua’s different in Chicago than they are in Denver?  I mean, Chihuahua’s in Wyoming have to be black and wear bandanas around their necks. You can’t even buy a pickup truck in Wyoming without proof of black dog ownership.  The Bandana may be a Colorado thing, now that I think of it. Wyomingites don’t want to admit they might have a dog for fun. (No offense, I love Wyoming)


FLDS food foolishness: Do I need to type anything here? Maybe something like, food can’t be red: it’s either the mark of the Devil or of blood, so that means you can’t eat apples (unless you get a heathen to peel them) or tomatoes. What about strawberries and watermelon. Is life worth living without strawberries and watermelon?


Hone Schooling humor: Gosh, what I could do with this.  Now, all you homeschoolers, I know people who do a fantastic job homeschooling; unfortunately, I know too many people who have no business homeschooling. So, look at yourself and only be offended if you are in the last group and don’t write me nasty letters if you know darn well you are doing an excellent job. But, most of the home schooling parents I met had NO sense of humor. I think I’ll stop there before I say something I’ll regret in the morning and then it will be raining, in Indiana, and I won’t be able to go on and delete it and pretend I didn’t say it and I’ll get hate mail Blogs. 


Indiana knitting: Perhaps we could repair our infrastructure that way. When it rains in Indiana you get a party line phone line.  It doesn’t take rain to lose power. That happens once a month whether you want it to or not. The water main is the best; it only breaks every other month.


Polygamy pottery: Is that a coffee pot with eight coffee cups? Could it be a set with one large bowl and eight cereal bowls? Or a tea pot and eight teacups?


Wisconsin writing: That would be the hilarious Blog my niece would have. I will try to get her to join the family Blog-a-thon when I’m up there for the next family wedding.

Okay, I’m going to bed now. Hope I don’t hate myself in the morning.


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Master\'s Daughter\'s new Blog

Master’s Daughter has given into the lure of the Blog. This is the state of her current new Blog. She’s very busy doing things. Life things, but she will get around to it.


I just find it funny that her Blog name is:



Brain debri,

under it she says “The aimless wanderings of my cerebral cortex. Lucky you!


Under all that it says “Not Found” and “Sorry, but you are looking for something that is not here.”



She’s finally done it, gone over the edge and lost her brain.

 Check it out, link is in my Blog links. She’s WAYYYY funnier than I ever thought of being

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