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It’s raining in Indiana.  And, just how many times have I said that?  Way too many!  I like the rain but today it is a cold rain that keeps me from going out to my studio to get a couple of Christmas gifts made and I am afraid that I have, yet again, waited too late to do them.


I’m not real happy in the cold and cold rain is just a plain insult.  So, it’s inside for popcorn and a movie or three.


The Life of David Gale


Kevin Spacey portrays the downward spiral in the life of an intelligent, if a bit arrogant, man named, appropriately enough, David Gale.  This is a very well developed character with deep character flaws.   His touch of arrogance tops off his constant battle with alcohol.  Despite this, he is an intelligent man; loving with his family and engaging with his students. 


The movie starts with Kate Winslet, in the role of the reporter who is interviewing Gale on death row, while Laura Linney acts in an outstanding portrayal of David Gale’s best friend, Constance.


There are excellent twists and turns to be followed, and an ‘edge of the seat’ ending.  One of my favorite lines in the movie is, “Hates no fun, if you keep it to yourself.”


This is an excellent movie; not one that you will watch over and over, but a deep and meaningful movie.  There is full female nudity and a rather disturbing scene near the ending.  Not for children. 




The jacket of K-Pax quotes Bill Diehl of ABC Radio; “Keeps you Guessing Right to the End!” and that it does. 


Prot, played by Kevin Spacey appears mysteriously, claiming to be from a distant planet called, K-Pax.  Not surprisingly, he is hospitalized.  Now, this may not be politically correct.  I mean, who are we to hospitalize someone just because they claim to be an alien.  He’s not harming anyone, but he does not seem to mind.  Prot is open to the world.


There are two hearts to this story.  One is Prot’s affect on the residents of the public mental hospital where he is living.  He brings hope and joy to their otherwise drab existence.  The other is the relationship between Prot and Dr. Powell.  Dr. Powell, played by Jeff Bridges, becomes intrigued by the enigma that is Prot.  For one thing, Prot has knowledge of a distant star system only recently discovered by us, with the help of Hubble.  Then, bits and pieces of Prot’s story seem to point to a tragic history on earth.  We would rather believe in his intergalactic beginnings than the story that is slowly emerging.


This is a fantastic story.  I highly recommend it. 


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