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Okay, all you lurkers out there. It is time to leave a comment and give me some advice. My beloved Gateway CX200S touchpad bit the dust.  I loved that machine, as everything fit “me.” 

I loved Windows XP, I loved the keypad, where everything was located, the feel of the keys (I type over 100 wpm).  I loved everything about it.  As an artist, I loved the ability to take the styllis and make corrections.

Fortunately, as my screen had been pink a lot lately, I have been backing up a lot.  Then, yesterday morning as it dimmed and brightened, I was able to do a last minute backup.  The swivel pins for the screen broke some time ago and I was using a jury-rig system in back of it.  I tried hooking up a separate screen to it but the window was too black to see if adjusting it in Control panel would make that work. 

Now, I am not going to be able to pay to replace it.  I am hoping to get one under $600, closer to $400 (Hah!), and then later get a separate unit with a styllis to plug in.  I’m not having a lot of luck searching to see what they might need, or even to find an available separate styllis . 

I have looked at TigerDirect for used computers and Googled reviews for laptops under $600.  Here are my questions and my requirements.

REQUIREMENTS:  I run the following programs and like to have most of them open at once:

  1. Word 2007
  2. CoffeeCup HTML, FTP (free updates, since I purchased it, my actual disc is 2001)
  3. PaintShop Pro 9
  4. WordPerfect, I have this on because I used to use it so old discs have documents in WordPerfect, that I occasionally need.
  5. Microsoft Money 2004
  6. AND, I am on AOL, and they do not put out new discs very often.
  7. I am on dialup but go to the library, and my Master Daughter’s for high speed.

I rarely get anywhere near Hard Drive full.  I do not do gaming but do a lot of graphics and have a lot of photos on my hard drive.

So, does anyone have any recommendations.  Do I go to Tiger Direct and get something refurbished with Windows XP?  Or, how is the new Windows 7???  I am typing on a VISTA and it does not like installing a lot of software.  I hate the feel of the keyboard and the distance from the back.

It has been suggested that I go to Best Buy, etc and try them out and then go online, but I know they always seem to carry separate machines.  I also know that when Gaffer bought a computer at Best Buy he had “issues” with Gateway for repairs and he had three problems the first year.

I would really appreciate any advice, ideas or information.  Thank you. 

P.S. Since I have been using other machines, my Categories is gone.  What’s with that?


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I was recently told by my heart doctor that he had never told me my heart was functioning at a low percentage.  Now, I was delighted to hear this.  It has acted like a sugar pill to give me energy that I could not tap into the day before.  Embarrassed, am I? Yes!  Glad I am wrong?  Yes!  Happy with my memory?  NO! NO! NO!


I always worked extra hard in school.  I had a poor memory and knew it.  I was thrown under a dash when I was two and standing up in the front seat of the car.  This was before seat belts.  I am pretty sure it is the root cause of my neck problems, so possibly I hit my head also. 


I have literally gone blank several times, in my life.  I once dropped daughter-of-eleven off to get her hair done and when I pulled away from the curb, I was a blank slate.  The only thing I knew was that if I drove straight and left, I should get back to somewhere I knew.  Luckily, I was right.  I’m not even sure if I knew who I was.  Ironically, I do not remember now, what I did not remember then, either.  I do know that I had no idea where I lived, if someone had asked.  Fortunately, no one did. 


The other time was on the ski slopes.  It was kegger/college break week.  And, NO, I was not participating.  This is THE worse time to be on the slopes, and I was on a catwalk.  Catwalks make me nervous.  There is only one direction to go and people just fly on them.  I woke up lying down on the catwalk with a woman’s face inches above mine asking, “Are you alright?” 


Tell me why it is that when we fall down we are embarrassed?  It is not something we do intentionally.  And, in looking back at the incident, I do not believe that I fell down.  I think I passed out.

But, I immediately told her that I was just fine and then proceeded to get up and follow a stranger because, that time, I knew I had no idea who I was, where I was or even where I lived.  I followed the first man I saw looking at me, and who talked to me.  (This is a bad habit I have.)  He too asked me if I was alright and I followed him.  Lesson, girls, do NOT follow the first man who looks at you or inquires into your health.


However, it happened to be my husband and I asked him, “Do we live in Colorado?”  Now, mountains covered with snow all tend to look alike, from the standing-on them angle, but for some idiot reason, out of all the things I did NOT know, I knew we were in Colorado.  Then, I inquired as to whether my two daughters were with us?  A couple of questions like that and, quick fellow that he is, he cottoned onto the fact that I was definitely NOT alright. 

Fortunately, my memory lapse lasted only about ten minutes and was over by the time we found a medic.


I have gone to see two different neurologists and, after mega testing, been given two different diagnoses.  I’ve been on massive medication at times and gone into remission twice, with no medication.  Right now, I’m back to kind of seeing things in space again, but only at night, when I wake up.  It’s really an interesting life.  I enjoy my nighttime entertainment.


Frankly, I think it helps me be an artist.  Or is this one of those, I’m an artist, therefore I am seeing things?

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It is time for a “Visiting Bunny” update.  I have given her a box, and moved her food to a corner she is happy with and, while she still likes to sit in her ceramic bowl, she no longer poops in it.  I tried to get a picture of bunny in a box, as she insists on putting the box on its end and peeping over the top but I have not caught it yet.  However, I believe I may have a money maker on eBay. 

Bunny has  torn a picture in the side of her box and, to me, it looks like an animal. I have highlighted it with a black circle.

Opening bid please!

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I’m an artist, right? Everyone knows that an artist is right brained. There’s even a book for Learn to Draw: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain; (it’s a good book, by the way) of course, I think it’s meant for left brained people because right brained people have a bit better instinct to use the techniques in the book. But, what the heck.


So, when I saw AOL’s Are You a Right- or Left-Brain Thinker? – AOL Find a Job knowing that Answer Can Help you Succeed at work,  I thought, good way to waste a few minutes.


As the overly made-up woman on the insurance commercial says, “SURPRISE!”


1. Are you better at math and science than art and literature?

They are asking this of the person who, when forced to take a twenty-nine page math placement test in college, answered four questions, flipped through five pages (They only get harder people, don’t even look.) and took the test (after 10 minutes of the three hour test) up to the teacher and said, “No point wasting your time or mine here.” And left.


YUP! Right-brained.


     It kind of went downhill from there. I’m both brained in “Do you love playing sports outdoors or staying indoors reading?” It’s good to know I am fully brained, I suppose, but there wasn’t a slot for my preference, reading a book outside. I’m not really sure how they even came up with those being right brained anyway? Guess artists painting landscapes confused them.


     Drawing, Picture directions, relationship problems, writing fiction are all right brained.


     Reading, verbal communication (over physical communication – Be more specific on the type of physical communication please), being a loner (definitely), information details and quiet (I’m the queen of quiet) are all left brain.


     I think I’ll skip the next quiz: “What your desk says about you.”  Even if it’s right, I don’t want to know.


My current “Table-Mate” desk: 








My abandoned desk: Wonder why I abandoned it??

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