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No, this is not a picture of my new diet plate.  The food pictured is for Irritating Little Chihuahua.

She is feeling a bit better this morning.  I think that waking me up repeatedly during the night was good for her appetite.  She wants to eat but she is afraid of silverware. She does not want one anywhere near her, or her food.

The other day, husband went to put some chicken in her bowl and held a butter knife in one hand. Chihuahua jumped back so far, I thought she was going to fall down the stairs.

If I offer her my leftover oatmeal, yes she loves it, and use a spoon to scrape it into the bowl, she stays back three feet. If I use my hand to scrape it, she is right there in the way.

Somewhere in another life, she must have been terrorized by fork tines.


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