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It is 2am and I am going to post this without corrections.  YES, I DO go back through and make corrections, believe it or not.  Which, even I have trouble believing sometimes when I re-read what I have written.

We’ve been at the hospital since Monday, or Tuesday, or last November (it seems) and, when I got home tonight I crashed; slept more soundly than I have in days and now I am up, but the brain may not be up to correcting things much.

The brain is such a marvelous, misunderstood, know-nothing-about organ. My neurologist says they know the least about the brain out of the whole body.  I have had diagnoseees/diagnosis/plural/whatever that have said, that I have either left-temporal lobe epilepsy, or familial hemiplegic migraines (which mysteriously, I do not have a single symptom of, or just those curvy brainwaves.

It has often been said, about my mother and by my mother, that no one will ever know if she gets dementia because it is her normal state.  They were wrong.  BIG TIME!

Mom is 90, so a few months ago, when she started getting  significantly more spacy than normal, it was no surprise.  Last week, she descended quickly. We thought she was having mini strokes. She has been diagnosed with partial seizures. She stares into space, mouth open and then comes back to us, she also mentions she has a headache, starts talking gibberish and then says, “I can’t even understand myself.”

Unfortunately, she also has Alzheimer’s. I imagine that she would also like me to mention that it is highly unfair to expect her to remember what year it is as she has always been bad with numbers.  That’s what she told us when she failed her fourth Alzheimer’s quiz.   Oh, and there are also only two numbers in the year because the first two numbers don’t count, so saying the year is 27, is correct, even though there is no 7 involved in saying 2012.

Poor gal, also has to have surgery, but that’s in a couple of weeks.

Tomorrow, the doctor and husband and I take mom across the ER parking lot to the rehab/nursing center. She wants to go home and keeps forgetting she is going there, even though she said it is fine to go there. She wants her computer, even though she cannot remember how to turn it on and her crocheting even though she has not crocheted in years. And, I will bring her travel Scrabble, and we will play it together.

I might actually have a chance to win now.

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My daughter has always told my mother that we will never know if mom gets Alzheimer’s because, well, she’s a bit spacy. Today we went shopping.

We are standing in front of the Campbell Soup display. Marsh’s has a display of JUST Campbell’s soup. We were standing, looking at it.

Mom: “I can’t find it.”
Me: “What kind do you want.”

Mom: “Soup.”

Me: Pause to ponder and then I say, “Okay, I figured that, but what kind do you want?”

Mom: “Campbell’s”

Me: Longer pause to ponder, then I say, “I kind of figured that. They are all Campbell’s, but what kind do you want, like tomato or mushroom or?????”

She doesn’t giggle. She doesn’t laugh. At that point she says, “Cream of Mushroom” like nothing just happened.

MOVE TO THE canned vegetable aisle.

She is staring at the cans with the tomato on them. They are all canned tomatoes. All kinds of tomatoes. They all have a red tomato on the label. A bright red tomato on the can.

Mom is staring at the bright red tomatoes on the can and she says, “Why don’t they have the sliced potatoes? All they have are the whole ones.”

Honest, we will never know if she gets Alzheimers.

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